Reason: Millennials Don’t Like Either Party

(The following was originally published in Reason.)

Reason-Rupe has a new survey and report out on millennials—find the report here.

Millennials don’t have much confidence in either of the two major political parties. When asked who they trust most to handle a series of issues, neither Democrats nor Republicans receive a majority of support on any of the 15 issues surveyed. Instead pluralities say they trust “neither” party to handle 12 of the 15 issues.

Pluralities trust Democrats the most on gay marriage, the environment, and poverty. Republicans only marginally exceed the Democrats on promoting entrepreneurship. In fact, even Republican millennials don’t trust the Republican Party across most of the issues.

Half of millennials (50%) say they trust neither party to handle privacy, with 27 percent trusting Democrats and 17 percent saying the same of Republicans. Dissatisfaction with both parties is understandable given that both parties have staked nearly the same position on the issue and both President Obama and President Bush expanded surveillance programs. Those who disagree with the status quo on domestic surveillance lack a partisan alternative to represent their views.

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