Sun Journal: Eliot Cutler Confident He Can Win With A Late Surge


(Eliot Culter is an Independent Candidate for Governor of Maine. The following was originally published in the Sun Journal.)

AUGUSTA — Less than four months before Maine voters head to the polls, Independent candidate Eliot Cutler faces fundraising challenges, an incumbent Republican governor with fiercely loyal supporters and Democrats determined not to repeat the mistakes that cost them the 2010 election.

But Cutler, a 67-year-old from Cape Elizabeth, says he’s confident that his campaign will gain momentum this fall the way it did when he nearly beat Gov. Paul LePage for the Blaine House four years ago.

“If you look back at Maine’s three-way races … you find that independents tend to come on really strong in the end,” said Cutler, who lost to LePage by just 10,000 votes. “And our expectation is that it’s going to happen this time.”

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