IVN: How Well Do We Truly Understand the Politics of Millennials?

(The following was originally published on the Independent Voter Network.)

Three articles have appeared in the past week from three different sources that draw three different but interrelated pictures about Millennials and their politics. Gallup released a report showing Millennials are the generation most likely to identify as independent. Almost half of all Millennials surveyed initially identified as independent.

However, many of them admitted to “leaning” toward one party or the other. Nonetheless, one in five Millennials are firmly independent and do not “lean” toward either party, making them the largest bloc of independent voters.

But “lean” may insinuate the wrong idea, according to Vox’s Ezra Klein.

All too often “independent” is assumed to mean moderate. Using the phrase “leans left/right” paints the image of a person standing in the middle of a spectrum and swaying their body to and fro. But according to research, there is no such thing as a truly moderate voter. The idea of a moderate voter is actually based on common survey and statistical mistakes.

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