Opposition News: IL Libertarians’ 44k Ballot Signatures Challenged by the GOP

(The following was originally published in Opposition News.)

July 17, 2014. Springfield, IL. The state of Illinois has one of the hardest ballot access requirements in the nation. Even with the 25,000 needed signatures, the Illinois Libertarian Party showed their strength last month when they collected and turned in 43,921 ballot access signatures. Even still, the state’s Republicans filed official challenges and the Libertarians are literally scrambling to the state capitol to defend their petitions this week.

From Opposition News’ sister publication the Illinois Herald.

One of the reasons the Democratic Party has an eternal super-majority in Illinois is, well, because our state’s elections system is rigged. Yes, it’s true. Sorry you had to find out like this. And demonstrating just how corrupt our election process has become, the Libertarian Party of Illinois is in the battle of its life just to appear on November’s election ballot. The IL GOP has pulled out all the stops to get the Libertarians kicked off and now the grassroots opposition party needs some emergency help.

Consider the following fact from this year’s General Election here in Illinois as evidence of just how unfair the system has become. In order for an election candidate to run for office and have his or her name printed on the November ballot here, they need to collect and turn in a certain number of valid ballot access petition signatures. How many signatures?

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