Michael Malone, Independent Candidate for Franklin County Vermont State Senate


(The following was published on Independent candidate for Vermont State Senate Michael Malone’s campaign website.)

I am running as an independent for the Vermont Senate. I believe the funding system that provides for our education system is flawed. I am interested in converting the unfair property tax based system to one of income and sales. Ultimately, I’d like to see an end to all property tax on Vermonters. A system based on income and sales would be more equitable as it would continue to allow everyone eligible to vote on school and town budgets, but everyone earning an income would contribute. Not just the property owners. Impact from town and school budgets would effect a taxpayer’s State tax return, not their property. Senior citizens should not be taxed out of their homes while living on fixed incomes. Nor should folks who fall on hard times. Eliminating property tax would alleviate this. Vermont based companies would benefit and our State would be attractive to businesses looking to relocate. It’s the legislature’s duty to seriously examine this approach. If elected, I will pursue this effort to end property tax. People should be able to keep their homes, fix them up without penalty, and be able to truly own their homes.


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