The Stranger: I’m Voting For Jess Spear, No Matter How Bad Her Signs Are

Jess Spear

(The following was originally published in The Stranger by Paul Constant.)

Let me just say right up front that I am going to ignore the suggestion of the Stranger Election Control Board* and vote for Jess Spear in the primary this year. I agree with the SECB on everything else, but I made a personal choice a long time ago to never vote for Frank Chopp if there is a more liberal choice available. Also, I think we need to send many more socialists into city and state office, because the Democratic Party in this state is gutless, ineffectual, too interested in politesse, and obsessed with building coalitions. I’m not a socialist but I am a progressive voter, and right now the socialist party more closely resembles my values than Washington’s mainstream Democratic Party.

But I totally understand why someone—or why the SECB—would not be impressed with Jess Spear as candidate. She’s running a terrible campaign that reeks of me-too-ism. “Love Kshama Sawant? You’ll love me” is not a compelling reason to vote for a candidate. The other day at Drinking Liberally, I was complaining about Jess Spear’s campaign signs. The other person wasn’t having it. She cried out,“Who cares about her signs?” Uh. Those signs are Spear’s most visible presence in Seattle. They’re her best outreach program to uninformed or disenfranchised voters. Those signs represent her in front of thousands—probably tens of thousands—of eyeballs every single day. I care about her signs. You should care about her signs. Her signs are her campaign. And they’re seriously flawed.

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