Howie Hawkins: Labor for Hawkins

howie hawkins

(Howie Hawkins is the Green Party for Governor of New York. The following was originally published on his campaign website.)

We, the undersigned New York State labor union members, support Howie Hawkins and Brian Jones in their Green Party campaign to be the Governor and Lieutenant Governor of New York.

Environmental, financial and political crises have left working people falling further and further behind, even as corporate America rakes in record profits. But measures taken in response by those elected to power have made things worse, not better.

Taxpayer bailouts for the Wall Street rich combined with reductions in public programs are not the answer. Wars and environmental catastrophe menace us even as job losses continue. We have suffered progressively unaffordable costs of living in the face of a real decline in our benefits and wages as the rate of unionization bumps along a record lows.

With the state and the nation plainly headed in the wrong direction, we need a strong labor movement more than ever. But where is the voice of working people in the elections?

We support Hawkins and Jones because labor has no voice when it is ever more difficult to tell the difference between the Democratic and the Republican Parties. A prime example: Andrew Cuomo’s austerity policy for New York State.

Andrew Cuomo caps state spending while rejecting higher taxes on the rich. His anti-worker, anti- environment, anti-democratic record is unacceptable. It is scarcely different from his Republican opponent, Rob Astorino.

Cuomo has received over 45% of his over $30 million in campaign funds from donors over $40,000 each and over 80% from donors over $10,000 each. It is clear who Cuomo works for.

Working people must have a voice in the November elections, independent of the Republicans and Democrats.

Hawkins and Jones, a Teamster and a Teacher, can help us find our voice. Because they are rank and file unionists, union members who know what it means to be workers, they understand workers’ concerns in a way that the professional politicians never can and never will.

Hawkins and Jones’ GREEN NEW DEAL FOR NEW YORK ( includes:

Take the Rich Off Welfare! The Wealthy Must Pay Their Share to Fund Jobs, Schools, Health Care, Homes, Public Transit, the Environment, and Revenue Sharing with Local Governments

A State-Funded and Locally-Planned Full Employment Program

$15/hour Minimum Wage, Indexed to Productivity

A Publicly-Funded, Single-Payer, Community-Based Health Program

Restore full Foundation Aid. Universal Pre-K. Tuition-Free CUNY, SUNY, and Community Colleges.

Ban Fracking and Give New Yorkers Jobs Building a Climate-Safe Renewable Energy System

Replace the Two-Party Corporate State with Multi-Party Democracy through Proportional Representation. Full Public Campaign Finance.

Hawkins and Jones’ complete platform and other statements on the issues can be seen at

It is time for working people to give up choosing between bad and worse.

It is time to find our own independent voice.

It is time to support a genuine working class alternative to the parties of corporate rule.

It is time to support our own, workers who understand our problems and issues and who will fight with us.

Please join us in the Labor Committee for Hawkins and Jones.


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