Nelson Hultberg Announces Formation of a New Party: National Independent Party


From an email announcing the launch of the new National Independent Party:

To all American Patriots:

The battle has begun. The National Independent Party is now officially launched to challenge the egregious monopoly that Democrats and Republicans have in America!

AFR’s video speech, Why We Must Form a Second Political Party in America, by Nelson Hultberg, is our opening salvo to Washington and its relentless destruction of our country.

It signals the death knell of the Democrat-Republican monolith’s control over our political system. It shows how to put forth a challenge in 2016 that will far exceed Ross Perot’s campaign in 1992 – a true freedom challenge that will rock the nation and make history.

Very important to grasp! We are not a third party! We are a SECOND PARTY formed in defiance of the Democrat-Republican one party state. We intend to restore a genuine two-party system.

You are the key to bringing freedom and sanity back to the country. In times of great crisis, the “summer soldiers and sunshine patriots” will linger behind a veil of inertia. But true patriots, the men of courage, will join the cause immediately and fervently. You will be the Paul Reveres riding into countless nights to inform America about the hope that the National Independent Party and its crucial Four Pillars of Reform represent.

Click here to view this important video speech!

And then pass the link on to as many of your friends as possible in your address book, to your local newspaper editor, to your favorite talk show host, to the heads of your local civic groups, to every fellow patriot throughout the land who still holds our great country dear in their heart.

Thanks to NewFederalist for this news.

(Thank you IPR for the story.)


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