Ballot Access News: Public Policy Polling Tells Montana Respondents That Montana Only Has Two Candidates for U.S Senate, When There are Three

(The following was originally published in Ballot Access News.)

On July 22, Public Policy Polling released a poll for the Montana U.S. Senate race. Respondents in this poll were told, “The candidates for U.S. Senate are Democrat John Walsh and Republican Steve Daines.” They were then asked which of the two they prefer.

There are three candidates on the November ballot for U.S. Senate in Montana. The candidate not acknowledged by PPP is Roger Roots, the Libertarian nominee. The behavior of PPP in this instance should be condemned by every person who values honesty. It is one thing for pollsters to decide to exclude certain ballot-listed candidates from their poll; it is quite another for pollsters to mislead the voters they talk to.

The results of the poll are: Steve Daines 46%, John Walsh 39%, “undecided” 15%. Thanks to PoliticalWire for the link.

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