The Stranger: Don’t Listen to the SECB-Vote for Jess Spear


(The following was originally published in The Stranger.)

Hey, Capitol Hill. Know what? You look really good. Nearly half of you are in your 20s and 30s, according to census data. And on an average summer day, y’all look fly as fuck. Sure, there are cranes and outlandishly expensive new buildings sprouting up everywhere on Capitol Hill, but median income here is about $40k annually, meaning this is still a relatively working class—and yet colorful and stylish—neighborhood.

Sixty-one-year-old Frank Chopp embodies everything that Capitol Hill is not, but the SECB gave him a milquetoast endorsement anyway, perpetuating the myth that good Democrats can’t sacrifice lazy incumbents in exchange for exciting young candidates with progressive values. We can think of plenty of reasons why you should vote for Jess Spear—and we’ll get to those in a minute—but here’s why you should vote against Chopp.

For one thing, Chopp doesn’t have a Twitter page, and when he came to the SECB, he said he didn’t have Twitter or Facebook accounts or even a real campaign website. (Turns out, his campaign created a Facebook page in April and now, it has a website.) It’s as if he was determined to hide in the background—actually, he told us this is his goal—and avoid connecting with or inspiring people.

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