Why I failed to Unite the ‘Constitutional Right’

by Cody Quirk

Sadly, as the title implies, this is going to be my last editorial on this subject for years to come, and for good reason.

I was not the first to attempt this great feat in American minor-party politics, though I certainly got farther then most of the previous attempts, and yet for several important reasons; I have failed to unify the ‘right-wing’ (or as some may call the “far-right”) of the minor-party spectrum.

Perhaps once the former National American Party split in 1976 and indirectly lead to the gradual implosion of the organized & practical Constitutional Right in the years afterward, I should have known that the odds were really against me when I first started this effort and the former group, the ‘Clarion Call To Unite Committee‘, as well as anyone else that had fought for the unification of such like-minded political parties as I did, regardless of the constant rejection, ridicule, and indifference from their leaders and active party members, as well as being repeatedly thrown under the bus and stabbed in the back by other leaders and influential members that considered my efforts a threat to their fiefdom and/or status-quo which they currently enjoy. Or in other cases which also destroyed my patience and passion for this unity that I had sought- the arrogant incompetence of such leading and dominant individuals, regardless of the importance and benefits of a single, unified minor party that would adhere to such a like-minded, yet politically fragmented ideology which is deeply lacking in many areas of practicality in the present moment, therefore demonstrating the chronic and disastrous effects of that split within the forces that once rocked the American political scene in 1968.

Nevertheless, I will discuss at length the main reasons of why I not only failed, but why a unified national minor-party based on Constitutionalist and Paleoconservative beliefs is, at this current moment, a impossibility, with some of these factors being quite obvious to observers, while other factors are not.

*The Religion FactorThis is perhaps the main reason of why not only such splintered minor-parties fail/refuse to unify with other politically identical groups, but why they are unable to win any elected offices on a national or state level, as well as fail to build up a formidable voting base at the local level; while many believe that American Constitutionalism/Paleoconservatism and Christian Fundamentalism or religious zealotry go hand in hand, the truth is that this is only the case because the latter has done well in infiltrating, re-branding, or redefining the former.

Back in the days of George Wallace and John Schmitz, the Constitutional Right (or ‘far-right’), was more secular and slightly more moderate in it’s approach on religion and even certain social issues, despite racism still being a factor in some corners of it. However this was shortly before the rise of the Religious Right and Jerry Falwell’s ‘Moral Majority’ coalition which would later revolutionize and change the course and approach of conservative politics in America, but indirectly would later play a bad influence on the “far-right” and the more extreme parts of conservatism in instigating religious bigotry and theocratic inclinations in the ranks that the mainstream of American politics considers the ‘far-right fringe’. 

One good example of this political religious extremism was the Christian Reconstructionist, and extreme Christian fundamentalist attempted hijacking of the National Constitution Party (formally called the ‘U.S. Taxpayers Party), during the late 1990’s and the years leading up to the infamous CP National Committee meeting in Tampa Bay, Florida back in 2006, which finally put an end to the religious zealots in the National CP as a dominating factor of that party. However if one examines this once commanding element in that minor party, the fundamentalist tenancies and former sympathies of their national leaders and influential members, including Howard Phillips (party founder), Jim Clymer, Chuck Baldwin (previously a member), and others- whom while practical and competent in their political activism and in their leadership of the CP, yet at the time tolerated and even harbored religiously extreme mindsets that would permit those with views of establishing a Christian theocratic government in this country (once they had achieved enough power to do so) and viewing all Christian Churches (including the Catholic and Mormon ones) and any religious faith that did not meet their Trinitarian and Hyper-Calvinistic views as vile ‘Satanic-lead cults‘ or ‘false religions‘ -to flock into the CP and its membership ranks in large numbers in order to not only take it over and turn it into a religious vehicle for their agenda, but also work on attacking and forcing out the other leaders and long-standing members of the CP that ascribed to those religious faiths or ideology that they vehemently opposed.

Until the 2006 CP meeting in Tampa Bay, these people had created a hostile atmosphere while instituting ‘Religious Tests‘, or a prohibition of those of a certain faith, from joining those state parties that they then controlled, and instigated serious infighting in the CP which would soon prevent the party from focusing most of its attention and resources in the election field.

While the main leaders of the CP and those of the more practical mindset would eventually prevail and also prevent the CP from breaking apart nationally, with many of this extremist crowd leaving the party in large numbers and then attempting to tear it asunder in retaliation for that 2006 meeting; yet when it came to the CP’s public image in the mainstream political arena, and with the observing crowd of minor-party politics,the damage was already done to the image of Constitutionalism in American politics; that both this political ideology and religious extremism, especially rabid fundamentalism, was stereotyped and pictured by many political geeks and observers, to go hand in hand and be inseparable together, as it is still assumed and judged likewise by the uneducated voter or political blogger, especially when the lingering elements of this extremism still inhabits certain state affiliates and other corners of the CP to this very day, as well as certain activist groups and related organizations that claim to be for restoring the U.S. Constitution and our Constitutional Republic, but it fact covertly advocate and champion for a Protestant-style theocracy with religious liberty and narrowly-defined freedoms only for those that adhere to their warped form of Christianity. 

Being a former member of the Constitution Party; I can certainly testify to this, especially when for a brief time I was mislead by this camp and once quickly realizing their true nature, fought fervently in the CP and on the various online blogs against this destructive element before, and even after that notorious 2006 meeting.

However, this ‘religion factor’ is not just an issue for the CP alone, as it is also quite prevalent among the other organized minor parties of the Right, including the National Independent American Party, which is smaller then the CP and while containing many leaders and members that belong to the LDS (Mormon) Church, of which those CP members whom adhered to that faith were specifically targeted by many of the reconstructionist persuasion in that party before- yet the leaders and influential members in the National IAP advocate for, and even themselves practice, a warped distorted version of that faith, of which many mainstream LDS adherents would consider Apostate. Sadly such leading individuals in that party have also been very welcoming as of late to that extremist element which once troubled the CP in mass and are not only starting to look at the IAP as their next target, but have also deceived and manipulated the leaders of the IAP to adopt their extremist belief into their platform, their approach, and their own mindset; which is one of the reasons why I also had to part ways with them recently, despite my numerous attempts to bring practicality, logic, and a real sense of the U.S. Constitution, which include the 1st & 14th Amendments, as well as a prohibition of ‘Religious Tests’ in Article Six; yet again those parts of our Constitution get routinely ignored, or even shunned by such extreme zealots and the sympathetic party leaders in the ranks of the CP, the IAP, and other parties and related groups.

Another good example of how religious extremism corrupts and ruins a political party is that of the former American Heritage Party (now called the Christian Liberty Party) of Washington state, which was an active state organization that constantly ran candidates for various offices during the 1990’s, yet as its governing state leaders back then became more extreme in their approach and ideology, to the point of advocating disaffiliation from the U.S. Taxpayers Party for ‘not being explicitly Christian enough’; this would later lead to a split in the AHP, with the more practical and political-oriented members leaving it and starting up the Constitution Party of Washington. Afterward what remained of the AHP eventually changed their name, became more focused on Calvinistic philosophy, with the goal of “mobilizing many Christian individuals and families to be rebuilders at the local level, developing a sure foundation from which to launch state and national candidates”, and yet not only have they failed to do so, but have run their former state organization into the ground, of which they have not ran any candidates since 2002, nor have they regained ballot access in Washington and are nearly defunct in activity and organization- further proving that unlike the parable of expanding the tent; to instead shrink and cut away the tent and you are soon without a tent to dwell in in the first place.

The fact is that this element is itself not just in nonconformity with the United State Constitution, and especially the many parts of the Christian Bible that speak out against sacrilegious and Pharisee-oriented attitudes and behavior (Matthew 6:4-8, 7:1-5, 23:12-28, 1 Corinthians 5:9-13,1 Peter 2:13-19, 5:5-6 -to name a few parts), but the fact that this element and the people that adhere to it, along with the militant Atheist and anti-religious liberty crowd on the opposite end, are the antithesis and outright enemies of the U.S. Constitution and what our Founding Fathers intended, as George Washington plainly stated in a May 1789 letter to the United Baptist Chamber of Virginia: “… If I could conceive that the general government might ever be so administered as to render the liberty of conscience insecure, I beg you will be persuaded, that no one would be more zealous than myself to establish effectual barriers against the horrors of spiritual tyranny, and every species of religious persecution.” Or simply put by Thomas Jefferson in a January 1799 letter to Elbridge Gerry: “…I am for freedom of religion and against all maneuvers to bring about a legal ascendancy of one sect over another.”

The fact of the matter being, that while our nation’s founders are rolling around in their graves over what has happened to our government and our freedoms in this country; they are as equally upset in their tombs at what these political parties and organizations, whom claim to represent their principles and the principles of that guiding document of which they founded -are yet completely ignoring or even are in opposition to the religious freedom & opportunities that they fought at length to be instilled in our nation’s constitution and the constitutions of the states.

Indeed, while this element has the right and liberty here to believe, advocate for, and warp scripture as much as they want to in their churches and upon their pulpits; their presence in the political arena, specifically in the minor and major parties even, is nothing short of a sacrilegious and ethical abomination which, if possessing such power and influence in western society here, would indeed be the equivalent to the Taliban, or to the tyrannical forces within the various Islamic terrorist groups as well as the Muslim theocratic governments of the Middle East, of which the leftist and atheist caricatures of such individuals and organizations are indeed quite accurate on them.

The sad thing is that the Libertarian Party, as well as many of the libertarian mindset, are more correct and constitutionally accurate on the subject of religious liberty and freedom of conscience, then the National IAP and the various other constitutionalist parties out there are; while our nation was founded on Christian-oriented principles, it was however founded upon them in a nonsectarian, inclusive, and secular manner; the intent of the First Amendment was not only to give the right to adherents of any Christian denomination the freedom to worship and practice their faith without government interference- but also any non-christian religion, or sect, the same exact rights and freedoms as well, whether it be Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, or even Paganism, Satanism, Agnosticism, or Atheism, etc.

Many of that Pharisee zealot crowd would not only prefer to ignore this fact, or the real intent of the founding fathers; but would even work to suppress those religious liberties and freedoms that Americans are supposed to enjoy and would dare seek to establish a theocratic government, or an American ‘Theonomy‘ based upon dogmatic and socially totalitarian rules and regulations like of old Cromwellian England, or that of Geneva, Switzerland under the reign of John Calvin- if such forces were ever to achieve enough power and influence in American politics to do so, which thankfully is very very unlikely at this point.

That is why, for constitutionalists and paleoconservatives to take our nation and our government back, such must be libertarian-oriented on the issues of religion and religious freedom, as well as not only tone down the sacrilegious and incorrect views on the christian principles that guide our nation and it’s foundations; but to also focus less on the religious mindset as well as the overemphasis on social issues and moral values and instead be more secular, more tolerant of the various beliefs and viewpoints of the American people as well as focus better upon the economy, the issues of immigration and national sovereignty, as well as our disturbing and self-destructive foreign policy and international relationships.

Or in other words- to return to the ideology and mindset of the days of George Wallace and John Schmitz, minus the racism.

While the CP itself is gradually moving in this direction, the attitude and mindset of the other minor parties is unlikely to change anytime soon, as the more zealous, arrogant leaders and dominant individuals of these parties are too set in their ways and much too hostile to any form of necessary change or overhaul to ever alter any part of their own party’s doctrine and function in order to do to implement constitutional government, or to at least accomplish something that will get them somewhat ahead in the game of politics.

Of such people and thinking however, I have no tolerance, patience, or respect for anymore; as being a devoted anti-theocrat and religious libertarian that I am- no more will I try to reach out and reason with such individuals and compromise my adherence to the true spirit of our country’s constitution and the beliefs of religious liberty held dear by our nation’s founders, as such people and their political viewpoints are more aligned with the enemies of that which they claim to fight against.

Unifying the Constitutional Right at the expense of religious freedom & tolerance sure as hell isn’t at all worth it in my book.

*The Purist/’No Exceptions No Compromise’ Mindset: This issue is often tied in to the previous factor discussed as well. I’ve already heard many constitutionalists and paleoconservatives squawk and squeal that any form of moderation or watering down of the wording of their religious, social, and moral principles, or any part of the platform of their political party to be a dangerous compromise and a risky strategy to them that could automatically put them on par with the current state of the GOP and the anti-conservative, unconstitutional elements within those Republican ranks. Likewise is warned by those that also scream about the ‘dangers’ of the Spirit of Party”, yet while never having a clue about the even greater dangers of going to the opposite extreme, as they have already done and which I will discuss here.The abortion issue also makes up a part of this issue; while it is understandable and noble to take a firm and iron-clad stance on the issue of Life, or at least a more principled one then that of the Republican Party, nevertheless to exclude all exceptions to the issue of abortion, even if the mother’s health and well-being is at risk -is irrational and intolerable to the average voter and the more seasoned and practical Pro-Life supporters and activists; a good example of the counter-productivity of the ‘no exceptions, no compromise’ crowd is the defeat of 2006 Woman’s Health and Human Life Protection Act in South Dakota; one of the key reasons for the defeat of this legislation at the ballot box was because of the extremity of the wording in the law, which even prohibited abortions in cases of rape or incest; yet there was evidence to show that if the legislation included exceptions for rape and incest, then it would have received enough votes to have passed if the wording and the restrictions were less extensive as they were. 

The same could be said of the various state “Personhood Amendments” in Colorado, Mississippi, and elsewhere; with the idea of giving full civil rights to the unborn rejected by the people of those states due to the troubling and confusing language in each proposition, that could have restricted access to contraception, and certain forms of medical surgery on the uterus, as well as potentially create inconvenient legal dilemmas and red tape which would have done more harm then good for the cause of protecting the unborn. 

But sadly, the issue of Life has also been used by those with destructive agendas in limiting party membership and/or expelling party members and even disaffiliating state parties that are not considered extreme enough on the Life issue, despite how such stances are not logically or even politically feasible in this country, or with the current voting base.

The fact of the matter is that such minor parties instead need to follow a proper balance of moderation and maintaining one’s principles, or core beliefs at the same time, as CP founder Howard Phillips himself once stated: “There are good compromises and bad compromises; good compromises get you closer to your goal while bad compromises take you further away from them.” -or in other words, it is possible to maintain your core standards or principles while adjusting other aspects of the party’s guiding documents and standards- and not at all come into conflict with it’s core principles/belief, as well as adjusting it’s appeal and approach from time to time when necessary due to a changing attitudes, opinions, or social trends of the general public, and still be in conformity with said principles or viewpoints.

Because, the actual truth is, by rejecting any form of compromise or moderation, you will instead go to that opposite and even more destructive form of the extreme, where your stances and appeal is so narrow and exclusive that you and your party fail to attract the average voter except for those of that are just as extreme and irrational as you appear to be, which further contributes to you and your party’s inability to further organize, grow in membership, or appeal to the voting public- therefore succumbing to inactivity and gradual demise once you, the leaders, and active members of said party either die off or leave it, which in conclusion shows the failure of your party to accomplish any of its goals, or accomplish anything at all in the field of politics for that matter, except in wasting time, resources, and dividing those of similar beliefs and principles during its pathetic existence.

And yet again, this self-destructive trend is going to continue for some time, as the paranoia of that purist mindset is iron-clad in its resolve and grip on most of these parties and the personalities that govern them, regardless of any appeal of logic or reason that I, or others, in those parties, advocate for in order to put an end to a vain and unproductive history among them.

*Possessive & Overprotective MentalitiesThis factor goes hand in hand with the ‘Purist Mindset’; many of these parties are overly protective of themselves and so suspicious of outsiders that they almost qualify as a elite cult-like sect that’s more concerned with keeping their fiefdom and internal status-quos then they are on organizing themselves further in attempting to become a serious factor in politics; in a way, they are the paleoconservative version of those hard-left marxist groups that are a political party in title/name only and behave more like splinter cells then actual functioning parties; where their concern is more about protecting themselves and promoting their own particular philosophy among their small faithful flock instead of attempt to expand, grow, and even win over others of similar philosophies. With these parties however, their exclusive policies on membership and dialogue with any other similar groups is heavy handed, almost unrealistically delusional in their behavior and conduct with others even.

I certainly know about this from my previous email correspondences with the leaders, or ‘contacts’, for those minor parties that behaved in such a manner, including the America First Party, America’s Party the American Patriot Party, and other less significant parties that seem to only be active online and nowhere else.

However in the more organized minor parties this kind of mentality takes more subtle and covert forms, as evidenced in the arrogant indifference and hostility given to me and others involved in my efforts from those leaders of the Constitution Party because we were also engaged in civil dialogue with the ‘enemy’ leaders of the California American Independent Party, whom are treated with hostility and contempt by the leaders and active members of the CP over the strife and falling out that they had with their former California affiliate back in 2008.

And despite our best attempts to bury the hatchet and try to mend the ties between these two parties, this was unforgiving and unacceptable in the eyes of the CP, which was unknowingly to us, still too bitter, and therefore took unethical action against me and the former CP Youth Chairman, Joshua Fauver, at their National Committee meeting in Baltimore Maryland in April of last year.

Yet the past drama with their former state party is not solely the reason for this irrational attitude, but for the fact that many in the CP, as well as the National IAP, and others, are so illogically protective and assertive of their own parties that they view, and in some cases attack, any rival minor party with similar ideologies with the same type of venom and disdain as they would the major parties or even our current president.

Another thing too is that this factor isn’t so apparent and visible most of the time within these parties; sometimes the vile personalities that follow this type of behavior and way of thinking are actually quite subtle and crafty about their true nature, or feelings, on such matters. And when they have committed the offense against any one person that seeks to undermine their ‘game-plan’ or fiefdom that they have going on in their camp, their response will sometimes be of indifference, denial, silly reasoning, petty anger, or a refusal to answer at all, as those types I had to deal with gave me varying degrees of it in their email correspondences I had with them. Which is why for anyone joining any minor party with the intent of building it up and maybe changing a few things- BEWARE! You are bound to bruise a few egos and piss off certain long-standing leaders that have little or zero tolerance for nonconformity and individualistic attitudes! Regardless of how well-intentioned and produce you are for your party’s cause; sooner or later you are bound to get thwarted, thrown-under-the-bus, disciplined, or even expelled from membership in that minor party, so be careful where you tread in that minor party which you are, or want to become a member of!

The fact of this matter is that to try to unify such parties- while those not understanding of the situation in each minor party assuming it to be the most possible and rational thing for all these parties to do, if they really wanted to see their agenda for our nation to be actually implemented on the state or even national level, if possible- is in fact actually as difficult as the idea of reuniting Northern Ireland with the Irish Republic; many of the leaders and members of these parties care a hundred times more to keep their own party’s go-it-alone approach, manner of operations, and their own leadership and influence within their own party the way it is, regardless of their party’s success, or lack thereof, in the political arena. No matter how necessary, or even logical, it would be to combine forces together in creating a formidable vehicle that could change the balance of things in politics and even in our government. It is exactly like the laughable scenario of Life of Brian’s ‘Judean People’s Front’ fighting against the ‘People’s Front of Judea’ simply over the most pettiest of issues, or topics.

So I guess one can say, if American politics is a ‘acquired taste’ for those that want to do more for their country, then minor-party politics here is a taste that few can stand and even fewer, like me, can stay committed to in the long run, owning to the egotistical and antagonistic personalities and the various personal agendas that at times lead to such petty infighting, double-crossing, defamation of character, and other vain tactics and behavior that only give reason, and motivation, to those that prefer to stick with and protect the two-party system in this country.

*Arrogant and/or Incompetent LeadershipThis factor is not only the biggest non-ideological reason for the inability of paleoconservative/constitutionalist parties to ever become a viable and serious threat to our two-party system, but also for the overwhelming majority of all minor parties to ever become a viable third force in our nation’s politics.

Not only do you have the typical egotistical and eccentric leaders of such parties governing things that way they see fit, or consider to be the correct course, but many of this type especially are unproductive and quite incapable of growing their own party or advancing it’s cause in politics in most cases, and yet many of them do not acknowledge or understand this, perhaps some even refuse to, since they are indeed that egotistical, or too stubbornly arrogant to see the error in their ways and leadership. In fact many of that type care little with how ineffective and futile their own approach, and their party’s approach is, as long as they think what they’re doing is the right way, or as long as it fits in with their agenda- futile or not.

I remember attending one party get-together in Las Vegas, Nevada thinking it was going to be conducted as a professional meeting with a agenda and matters to be debated, reworded in document, and sustained or rejected via a vote of the delegates- only to discover it being held in a cluttered auditorium with the chairs aligned in a circle in the middle of it as if it were a kindergarten class. That meeting itself ended up being conducted like a church-sponsored AA meeting with people taking about themselves and ‘bearing testimony’, along with the rest of the meeting taken up with extensive and unnecessary speeches on topics that had little to do with the important agenda at hand; at the end, that whole meeting was so wasteful and pointless and it was only during the last half-hour that the agenda was dealt with, and yet because of the shortness of time, ended up remaining incomplete! It was one of the few times that I was so frustrated & disgusted in all my years involved in politics; the complete unprofessional and simpleton conduct, along with the fact that while I was one of the youngest people in the room, only a few of the older delegates and leaders possessed the same intelligence, experience, and proper mannerisms which I had learned from, yet constantly applied to the conduct of my political affairs, unlike the idiots I had to work with.

It was not the first time I had attended a poorly conducted political meeting such as this where ‘Robert’s Rules of Order’ had no meaning or effect on it; other committee meetings and conventions I’ve been due also lacked the mannerisms and conduct similar to the one I mentioned; many years ago, one convention in particular had everyone suddenly walking around not knowing what to do at one point because the moderator of the convention had stepped out for a brief bathroom break and all the delegates were highly dependent on her in leading the meeting.

While the Green and Libertarian Parties conduct their meetings in a orderly manner most of the time, many of the constutitionalist/paleoconserative ones unfortunately do not, and feature banners done in crayon or marker and designed like a elementary school poster at meetings with delegates dressed like either they were in the middle of doing summer chores on their farm, or simply woke up earlier in a dumpster and didn’t bother to shower. But then again I must be reminded with how extensive and fervent the GOP grip is on the more practical and professional crowd that adheres to that ideology; therefore all minor parties of such ideology are forced to work with what resources and sympathetic individuals they have, especially with the extreme fringe that even the GOP takes pains in in keeping out of their meetings and affairs; and with these kind of individuals that I have had to work with the last 12 years of being in politics… Now that I think about it, I don’t blame the Republicans at all for wanting to keep such mentalities out of their ranks.

This is also tied in with the religion factor too, since many of these party leaders, especially those in the National IAP, actually consider their party, and leadership position, a religious calling- that God literally told them that they were ordained to be a prophet, or a wannabe Moses, for said party and that this is what He wanted them to do and that they would be successful about it in the long run; I’ve already had too many of these types tell me this, and especially tell me that God wanted them to be in charge and that we are to do or conduct things in said party a certain why because God wanted it so; and when they fail, they assume that God is ‘working in mysterious ways’, or that they respond to failure with a tent-revival style sermon where they and everyone at the meeting give their own religious testimony about said party and why they belong to it and why they feel God has chosen it to save the country, blah blah blah.

And with enduring this kind of hogwash and pointless, vain Pentecostal-style lectures and discussions, the reasons why these people and their parties get nowhere with the general voting public is more then obvious; in fact this kind of behavior is especially a evident factor as to why religion and religious influence is fading from politics and the social forum in this country; Americans in general are actually getting fed up and tired of the dogmatic, yet empty religious rhetoric that has been constantly spewed, distorted, and abused for over a century; which is why I also got tired of being involved, or working with, political parties that are too overwhelming in hyper fundamentalist propaganda.

Last but not least on this topic, and it falls into both fields of arrogance and incompetence- is the common weakness and party-destroying behavior of party leaders and domineering individuals to take petty disagreements on party matters, policy changes, or any changes to the platform, bylaws, and various party documents, too seriously; that individual(s) disagreeing, or advocating for something that they disagree with, take it way too personal, to the point of throwing temper-tantrums or flying off the handle over something as petty as choosing a ‘assistant media relations director’, or changing a single verb in a paragraph in the party bylaws. 

Such people are not just control-freaks, but they are neat freaks as well; to the point that if any part of their style of wanting to do things or what they perceive as a “flawless” aspect that is part of that political party, gets altered in any way (even if it’s for the better), then to them it is war and a unacceptable price that they refuse to pay, and they end up fighting and attempting to derail that attempted alteration of that matter to the extent that it divides and inhibits the party from growing further, or in it’s internal stability as well.

Again, this is a problem with all third parties; how some people just can’t learn to accept compromise or agree to disagree and allow the majority will of the said party to take it’s course and simple move on; no, such people prefer to deal in a heavy-handed version of absolutes; either it is entirely their way, or all hell will break lose- “No exceptions! No compromise!”

No wonder why the Democrats and Republicans have nothing to worry about much at this point.

*The GOP FactorThe last roadblock to cover here is the fact that some of these right-wing minor parties still attempt to cater to, or indirectly support the Republican Party, or the conservative aspects of it, to the point that some of these minor parties, and the leaders/members of other minor parties, actually support the laughable pipe-dream notion of eventually replacing the GOP with their own political party and therefore become a major party.

Regardless, many of these conservative-oriented minor parties are almost always founded by, and the majority of their members/leaders have been, at one point, Republican and/or Republican activists. Now this is understandable and typical, yet some of this crowd still can’t let their former party go, and therefore they have one foot remaining in the GOP and the other one in said minor party, because they feel that they have to continue their involvement in the drama of their former party, or are still involved with the business of the GOP in some way while hypocritically campaigning or helping out said minor party at the same time; I’ve seen and heard too many of these minor-party activists still call for support of a certain GOP candidate or party leader that’s backed by the Tea Party movement, or adheres to the same type of ideology that the said minor party champions. However some of this type still get too friendly and cozy with the GOP, to the point that they force the said minor party they’re involved in to constantly endorse and support GOP candidates, or to still vote in their primaries and ride upon the Republican Party’s coattails instead of running their own candidates and better defining themselves as the best alternative to the major parties, or to better develop and grow their own political party in the first place- to the point that their GOP brown-nosing invites entryism, or outside infiltration by the GOP or their allied groups to influence or gain partial, or even complete control, of said minor party and simply turn it into a vehicle of their own desire and therefore destroy that party’s independence, or trustworthiness, as a third force in the political arena, or even force that said party to disband completely in order to eliminate the competition that the GOP or even its candidates will not tolerate, period.

Which is why when it comes to the conduct of minor parties in general, any cooperation with the major parties must be limited and cautious; be on your guard when dealing with the ‘big boys’ in American politics and never put yourself, or your political party, in a weak spot that would allow those of the major parties to exploit or take advantage of you, or your party, and especially watch out for new people, or certain individual,s that join your party during this time that are suspicious in character or start causing trouble for you and your party right away.

Of course the results of ignoring this particular factor is what has happened to many minor parties throughout the decades and generations, including the Progressive Party of the early 20th Century, as well as many others that have ended up getting infiltrated and internally sabotaged by the agents, or forces aligned with the major parties.

While I have little proof to back this up, yet I do believe that even at this present moment, the GOP has already infiltrated some of these minor parties, and that many of their leaders are GOP agents, or are closet GOP supporters which intend to control and manipulate the minor party that they are a member, or leader thereof, for the GOP’s advantage, which indeed makes me wonder if some of those within the Constitution Party, the National IAP, and other minor parties that I have tried to work with and butted heads with before, are actually part of a potential GOP ‘fifth column’ within their ranks; that advocating for the notion of unifying all the like-minded minor parties has caused such vehement opposition from them due simply because it would most likely weaken the stranglehold the GOP has on this part of the spectrum and therefore undo their agenda and created status-quo of theirs, and others?

Of course, there are also minor parties whose only purpose is to support and back GOP candidates and their neoconservative agenda, like the New York Conservative PartyAmerican Conservative PartyConservative Party USA, and others that simply exist only as fluffers for the major parties -have little to worry about in this department, instead their worry and concern is for their GOP superstar candidate, and the GOP itself, in ending up as the vanquished in whatever race, or election, they’re running in.

Nevertheless this topic here, poses some serious questions that are certainly not going to get answered, or addressed, for quite some time.

In fact in some of these minor parties, they may never get addressed at all during the party’s existence.

– – –

So there you have it; this is why minor parties of the constitutionalist/paleoconservative persuasion are unable to make any serious headway in American politics at the moment. The only thing that could perhaps change this matter around overnight would be for the GOP to up and collapse in a single day, which is very much unlikely. However at the same time, this indeed would be one of the few ways for any minor party to turn into a major party in this country (minus a catastrophic collapse of our economy, or our government), that is for one of the major parties to go the way of the Whigs and have a minor party step up and take its place, since Americans still have a ways to go before the majority of them finally realize that a multi-party system is the only true answer in restoring our Constitutional Republic, or at least in creating a better, more effective, and more citizen-oriented government on both the state and national level, in order to due away with the bureaucratic red tape and remove the shackles of decay and anti-constitutional limitations that rob the American people of their liberty, their full potential, and better prosperity.

Now some might be now be asking- Cody, why don’t you simply join the Libertarian Party and work to remake it the way you see fit?

And the answer to that is simply because, I am not a Libertarian.

Now granted, I do have a lot of respect for the LP, and I agree with them entirely on the issue of civil & religious liberties, the constitutional right to keep and bare arms, and free-enterprise on the local level. Nevertheless, I am a fervent believer of maintaining and even strengthening one’s borders and in protecting one’s national and moral/traditional culture, along with instilling and maintaining some reasonable ‘protectionist’ economic standards that protects and insulates our country’s financial infrastructure and the American worker.

Plus in my view, the LP has too many closet-Marxists and libertine-oriented Socialists in their ranks for me to ever consider it home, or to ever consider the notion of a border-less, utopian world of philosophical-anarchism and unrestricted capitalism a likable and realistic possibility, even several generations from now.

Therefore at this time, I am forced to go the registered nonpartisan route, since I have yet to find a political home for my own beliefs and standards, and it will likely be a long time until I do.

However, despite these obstacles and conflicts, not all is forever lost, or that having a single, unified minor party on the Constitutional Right is a permanent impossibility; because it still can happen in the future. However it is obvious that the time for all constitutionalists and political patriots to unify into a single group has yet to arrive, otherwise these cancerous tumors, or barriers, shouldn’t at all be a dividing point…

And yet they are, and will be for awhile longer.

While it still is possible in the near-future, perhaps in 2016 or later down the line, for the conditions and internal situations in all or most of these parties, to be minimal and better suited for a potential merger. Yet even if all of minor parties of this Constitutional Right never merge, then most likely the largest ones would gradually merge together and the smaller ones will all die out or go permanently inactive due to lack of growth and aging membership. Now granted, should the Constitution Party alone put an end to all the above listed factors that currently plague their party, as well as reword a few parts of their platform to make it appeal better, adopt better checks & balances to their bylaws, and even adopt a more populist-sounding national title, or name… And especially gain ballot access in more states and win back their former California affiliate into their ranks- then they would be able to further organize, gain new members and perpetually cement themselves as the ‘Third Party of the Right’ -then to me, this would be a welcoming outcome and at that point would I join them and hence return to the world of political activism.

I admit though, I am quite bitter and will be for some time; not because of having failed to accomplish a serious political feat that I put my blood, sweat, and tears into. Neither am I bitter at the people that stabbed me in the back and betrayed me when I constantly gave them the olive branch and sought to treat them, their party, and their associates fairly while always honest and up front with them, even if they weren’t so with me. I am especially not bitter that I failed to restore the legacy of my political mentor, the late William K. Shearer, whom co-founded the California AIP and the CP, being one of the few constitutionalists/paleoconservatives that was practical-minded, intelligent, and flawless in his political approach and wisdom; though it really does hurt that I still failed to accomplish the same feats and breakthroughs that he did in his lifetime…

Instead, I am bitter because, out of all the years and most of my youth that I have put into politics and political activism; I have accomplished so little and wasted so much; all my passion, zeal, and energy went down the drain because of these factors and those individuals in those parties that always screwed up the good work I did for them, and ruined any good luck or momentum that came our way, and especially wasted the few golden opportunities that could have advanced their own party up the ladder of success, either in activism or implementing a portion of their platform in the public square or electoral map.

It is so frustrating and disheartening for such self-destructive simpletons and scumbags to torpedo all of your efforts and attempts in assistance and in bettering, even achieving a vital stepping-stone that could have possibly alter the whole political system of a country, and in due time, the world.

Being a Christian myself, however, I must remember that such individuals will in due time be held accountable for their actions and behavior, regardless of their intentions, sometime in this life or in the one hereafter; yet it is quite likely that with the divisiveness and counter-productivity of their activities, the resulting conclusions and consequences will come forth in due time.

So in final conclusion, I am therefore leaving this so called maze we call ‘politics’ by yanking down on the Emergency Exit lever.

There are plenty of other, more funner and constructive things that I always intended on doing with my life, only to be moved to the backseat long ago when helping improve my country and our government was my main focus and desire back then. But now I know such goals are very much out of my hands and unworkable at the moment while these roadblocks still dominate the current minor-party scene way too much. So instead I’m going to my focus and hone my true talents and passions on things that I consider to be a better leisure and satisfying hobby; I guess sometimes it takes awhile for some to discover that their real calling in life isn’t the one that they’ve been doing for so long. Therefore I am now done wasting what remains of my youth on bad tastes and vain notions and instead will take a different path with a seasoned and more better perspective. While again, I could return to the battlefield of American politics a few years or a decade down the line from this moment, I will stop trying to figure out how to leave the maze and simply opt for that ejection seat.

Because, I quit.

Goodbye Bill… I have my own life to live now.


8 thoughts on “Why I failed to Unite the ‘Constitutional Right’

  1. Christopher

    Honorable indeed. I do like the direction and positive outlook of The American Freedom Party for those in the working class who feel like dropping out.


  2. Cody, all you did is identify yourself as 1) and island, and 2) a quitter. If this is your long-term intention, I only hope then leave and also leave us alone by not condemning our Party to all who will listen to you. My hope is that this is NOT your long-term intention (and only time will tell if this is the case), in which case there will always be a place for you as long as you accept that place. This may mean having your own autonomous opinion, but also respecting we in the Party, and especially our Chief Counselor, PEOPL Committee Chairman, and others who have been in this fight, AND DID NOT QUIT, for many decades. Thanks Cody, for your services. Sincerely.


    1. Cody Quirk

      Kelly, I helped out the National IAP more then you realize; I helped bring the Oregon CP and the Arizona AEP into your ranks until you alienated John Mealer like you did Jon Barrie and me. And shame on you for acting like a self-righteous closet apostate that thinks he can do no wrong and that his knowledge and wisdom is above those that are a lot more seasoned and experienced then you, including me.

      If I ever come back to the IAP, it’ll be when you and many of the other IAP’ers that have little to no clue in reaching out to voters and building their party are no longer leaders in it; I refuse to work with “patriots” that have no understanding of the U.S. Constitution, or in how to be practical and reasonable.

      In fact you have not been active in politics as long as I have (Since 2002), plus if the others in the IAP and the other parties have been working for decades to restore constitutional government, then it means that they have been going about it the wrong way for all that time and either are too stupid or too arrogant to realize it, otherwise we would be on equal organizational footing with the Greens and Libertarians, but we are not.

      And if you don’t understand the error of any of the flaws and the bad characterizations that I have pointed out about the IAP, the CP, and others, then you guys do not deserve any of my time- as I will no longer waste it working with incompetent simpletons.


  3. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    This article is a giant load of horse@#$% as only a total fool like Cody Quirk can produce. It is a monumental claim of how he has been treated so bad by all of the meanies who opposed him rather than the real truth – that he is a pompous nitwit fool who is willing to stab anyone in the back to achieve his main aim ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 10th ) of glorifying himself. Having seen his poison within the Constitution Party I knew that it was only a matter of time until he betrayed his then new friends at the Independent American Party; a fact now confirmed in his screed. His ” poor little me, I am soooo picked upon ” schtick is utterly pathetic in too many ways to mention here but his belch regarding ” religious tolerance ” really ” takes the cake ” as he himself is a poster boy for religious intolerance. This guy is a total loser and, as with the Constitution Party, the IAP will find that his departure is a tremendous ” addition by subtraction ” irregardless of his GUARANTEED attacks against that party for years to come for their crime of not glorifying him sufficiently. Constitutionalist parties across the whole spectrum of what is considered ” right -wing ” ( even by the standards of a fool like Quirk ) can indeed unite. One of the keys will be to weed out self-serving and self-glorifying morons like Quirk who use a cover of ” party unity ” for their campaign of personal glorification. My congratulations to the IAP for having the luck of this clown leaving your party. He would do far more damage inside than out where he will now act the permanent role of an annoying Chihuahua chewing on the ankles of the party..

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman Constitution Party of California


    1. Cody Quirk

      I’m glad this article got under your closet-homo skin, Don 😉

      BTW, why aren’t you the Chairman of the California CP anymore? And especially why do you continue to assist the LGBT agenda in your state with your Fred Phelps-style psychotic divisiveness?


  4. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Well Cody, unlike yourself I will never grovel to the so-called ” LGBT ” movement which is actually the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement.

    Back when there were more real men in the nation, something you can never dream of much less be, perversion and degeneracy were opposed; most especially if such perverts/degenerates ever tried to openly indoctrinate/attack children with such a vile campaign as is now being conducted against them – something a spineless worm like you will never oppose but only, as you are now doing, defend to the hilt.

    The difference in our time is that Social Engineering ( externally ) and The Enemy of God ( internally ) have combined to virtually totally collapse the men of the nation and reduce them to ultra pathetic wimps like yourself who will not only not lift a finger in defense of the children of the nation but will rather aid, assist, and promote their attackers in any way possible. Of course for you the reason is that you are not only a pathetically weak coward but more than willing to sell out generations of children to come in order to protect your god-forsaken ooohhhh so ” Precious ” ( as with your Gollum counterpart in the movies ) image.

    You will go along with the Plantation Masters of the nation and their Army of Death attack via the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement as long as they throw you a bone and an approving nod while you grovel and lick the bottoms of their shoes.

    That is just part of what makes you the pathetic back stabbing weasel which you not only are but forever will be.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman Constitution Party of California

    P.S. – By the way, nitwit, I am the Chairman of the last party which will take a stand in defense of the children of the nation.


  5. Cody Quirk

    Don, you are single and live with your mother; you are a poor choice to lead the efforts to protect the traditional American family, or to fight against the LGBT lobby- since you are obviously in the closet and it has warped your sanity greatly.

    Your efforts are so counterproductive like the WBC that the LGBT lobby leaves you alone and even champions your ranting as proof as to why they are winning the cultural war here.

    Then again I am serious when I say that I’m leaving politics now, so you have little to worry about from me anymore.
    By all means, go on ahead and keep doing what you’re doing while you suppress the joke that is your personal life, or especially the joke that is your “reputation” with the CP.


  6. Christopher

    Why abandon the fight Cody? You’re young. smart and well spoken. Progress is difficult

    “So tired of the straight line
    And everywhere you turn
    here’s vultures and thieves at your back
    The storm keeps on twisting
    Keep on building the lies
    That you make up for all that you lack”

    Those who speak in the name of others, those others, maybe silent but are listening.


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