Rapid City Journal: Howie Candidacy Rises to Second Place-in Sign


(The following was originally published in the Rapid City Journal.)

No one is close to former Gov. Mike Rounds in U.S. Senate campaign signs along South Dakota’s four-lane and two-lane highways throughout the state. But one of the Republican-turned-independent candidates is making a move.

I spotted approximately a half-dozen Gordon Howie signs along S.D. 34 and I-29 when I drove from Pierre to Colman to Sioux Falls and back on Tuesday. A few of the locations intrigued me because they suggest the breadth of Howie’s political connections.

I haven’t seen a road sign yet for Democratic nominee Rick Weiland or Republican-turned-independent and former U.S. Sen. Larry Pressler.

The Republican primary turned into an important test run for the Rounds campaign. Now he’s out starting his “grassroots” tour. However, he has not yet taken up the guitar ala Rick Weiland.

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