My Interview With Don Grundmann On Homosexuality

I talked to Dr. Don Grundmann of the Constitution Party about homosexuality.  My questions are in bold, his answers below.

My first question is an old philosophical one.  Do you see homosexuality as a choice or an actual condition?

Homosexuality is a choice but in the mass majority of instances it is an unconscious one.  As the main cause is the collapse of the family unit resulting from, and in, resentment of the parents ( most specifically the father ) by the child the emotional/soul/spiritual shock/trauma which makes the child vulnerable to the emotional pathology of homosexuality occurs quite early in the childs life; in general far before any conscious thought may be made of the process much less any realization of its occurance.

There is no such thing as being ” born ” homosexual; i.e.; via physical DNA.  Rather homosexuality occurs because of the corruption/ contamination/infection of ” spiritual ” DNA; i.e.; the resentments and soul contamination of the parents which afflict and corrupt the child target and produce, among endless other possible pathologies, the emotional/spiritual retardation/pathology of homosexuality.

The current attack plan of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement and both its Controllers and sub-affiliates, which I document and describe, is to prevent the recovery of the afflicted child/target so that they may not only never recover from their affliction but will actively pass on the pathology to as many other targets as possible.

The more open part of the attack process may be referred to as Social Engineering.

It is a conscious choice to continue existing in the pathology rather than seeking salvation; i.e.; healing; from the affliction.

When we consider all the common health problems associated with homosexuality as documented at Gutsense including chronic flatulence, “enlarged internal hemorrhoids, anal fissures, ulcers, fistulas, nerve damage, rectocele, the weakness of anal sphincters, chronic pain, fecal incontinence, and, of course, chronic constipation,” homosexual conduct appears illogical. Do you have any theories as to why people choose to remain homosexuals and suffer through the medical results of their behavior?

Nathan – When you ” boil it all down ” homosexuality is a manifestation of a soul pathology; i.e.; separation from God.  Hence ” logic ” can never have anything to do with the actions/behaviors of perverts as they are simply manifesting their soul pathology which will ALWAYS take precedence over any possibility of ” logic.”

Notice that when perverts get AIDS they simply blame everyone else – Ronald Reagan, ” homophobia,” yada, yada, yada.  They will not only NEVER accept responsibility for their actions but they will keep repeating those actions because the payoff/benefit is more valuable and important any diseases or physical problems which they receive as a result of their pathology.

The shattering of the original identity of the pervert via hatred/resentment/anger against their parents produces a state of hypnosis with a corresponding compulsion.  Until and unless they experience salvation via the Grace of The Creator they MUST act out their soul pathology as a ” natural ” expression of their soul sickness.  To attempt ( by themselves only!! ) to break free from their soul hypnosis will produce an unbearable pain for they are seeking to break away from their controller/Master – The Enemy of God.  Hence it is far easier for them to have all of the physical problems and pathologies which their affliction produces than to attempt to break their allegiance to their Master,

Since we are speaking of a soul sickness and separation from God we must also reference The Enemy of God; i.e.; the entity to whom the pervert gives their allegiance, support, loyalty, and ” love ” ( such as it is ).  In this regard I saw a recent short film which gives an excellent physical representation of the spiritual affliction of the pervert or anyone who is separated from The Creator.

If you go to YouTube you should be able to find a short film under the title ” Praying Mantis and worm.”  The pervert suffers from the same affliction of the mantis except that his ” worm ” is an intelligent representative; i.e.; a demon; of The Enemy of God.

Nathan – As an addendum to my previous reply the motto of the professional child molestor group known as NAMBLA is ” sex before 8 or its too late.”  This is simply their recognition that the earlier age at which a child can be molested; my own definition including not only physical but also spiritual, mental, end emotional; the less likelihood that they can ever recover from the shock/trauma/attack.  They will hence be, as desired by their attackers, permanently shattered and easily recruited to spread the soul infection which has now claimed them.  This is why, as just one example, the Chicago school system will be changing sex education classes from 5th grade to begin in 1st grade and kindergarten with an inclusion of ” gender identity ” in the courses.  Molesting the child in their minds makes it that much easier to physically attack them.

A few months ago there was word that Howard Stern was running for vice president.  I did some research of Stern and found a YouTube video of him holding a transsexual beauty pageant.  I was repulsed at first, but then as I watched it more I became intrigued.  I think the video spawned some homosexual urges in me, which I nearly acted upon.  The only thing that stopped me was health concerns. I did engage in oral and hand contact but these were done in a strictly friendly manner.  Don’t let me be misunderstood, I am 100% heterosexual by society’s standards.  However, from these experiences I concluded that sexual orientation does not actually exist. It is shaped by the media.  I am surprised by how pervasive homosexuality is in media and how easy it is to find homosexual pornography on the internet. For me and others in similar circumstances, should I be ashamed for allowing the media to brainwash me and cause such urges? What can I and others do to avoid repeated exposure to homosexuality when it is so pervasive in media?

Nathan – There are many points which you raise in your note.

Howard Stern has gained his fame as a ” shock jock.”  He hence plays a personal role in the Social Engineering ( S.E. ) of the nation by working to attack and break down the Christian moral foundations of the nation.  If he doesn’t do his ” job ” of promoting and advancing the soul sickness of the nation he will be instantly replaced by the Plantation Masters.  He hence knows ” what side his bread is buttered on ” and is an obedient lackey of his Masters.  A ” transsexual beauty pageant ” is indeed something to be repulsed by since the participants are simply advanced enough in their psychotic state/condition to mutilate themselves.  S.E. is indeed a frontline weapon of the P.M.s in their quest to culturally obliterate the nation via soul castrating the male populace by their hoped for predominant infection with the soul worm of homosexuality.  Either through S.E. or direct attack from The Enemy of God and Its minions you and everyone else are always under constant attack in order to break your possible allegiance to God and instead establish a new alliance to His Enemy.  Such attack is hence very normal but any shame you may have regarding a slight submission to its poison is actually very healthy as shame is in fact evidence that your true and original conscience; the mortal enemy of the P.M.s, S.E., and The Enemy of God; is intact and still alive ( as compared to countless others who have had theirs strangled ).

To understand S.E. and the attacks of The Enemy of God you must be aware that one of the objectives of Stern was to get you to have an emotional reaction to his depravity.  That is when ” It ” ( the soul equivalent of the ” worm ” which I referred to ) was able to enter you and guide you toward your hoped for ( by ” It ” ) destruction.  To survive, and actually to thrive, against such an attack I recommend that you investigate The Foundation of Human Understanding and acquire their ” Observation Course/Tape/Technique.  It is the antidote which you may use to be saved from any attack upon your soul.

I know that lesbian relations, though still unnatural, are less risky healthwise than relations between men.  In Leviticus 20:13, it says “If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death.”  Since only “man” is mentioned, should this verse be taken to apply to lesbians? In other words, should lesbianism be viewed as a lesser Sin?

No, because both male and female perversion are generated by the same soul pathology.

My last question.  I’ve read so many different views on this matter.  Is masturbation a Sin?

Yes, as you are dealing with an image from which you are seeking relief/comfort/salvation when you should instead be seeking such things from The Creator.  The action is a manifestation of a broken human being; i.e.; a slave to sin and a slave of The Enemy of God.  When, and especially if, The Creator repairs you He will bring you to ” the other side of the divide,” a place where you cannot be when you have given your allegiance, even unconsciously, to His Enemy.  When you get to ” the other side ” you can then look back and clearly see your previous broken condition.

In regard to your previous question the Plantation Masters have an ” equal opportunity program ” of breaking both men and women with the soul and Social Engineering hammer of homosexuality.  The end result of being put through the soul grinder of The Enemy of God and Its earthly representatives is the production of mass and massive amounts of males and females; i.e.; men and women who are broken down into their inferior replacements.  Hence in the War for Humanity there is a desperate, and increasingly so, need for unbroken people – men and women – who can truly battle for humanity and defeat the Army of Death which is being arrayed against it and of which the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement is a major subdivision.

The great victory of the Army of Death in our time and actually to this current moment is, via both the soul invasion of hatred/resentment/anger – which ” sets the stage ” for all later attacks – and the cultural/social/national weapon of Social Engineering, its increasing production of a cultural species of, what I consider to be, sub-human persons especially in regard to our current topic.

Such sub-humans have been Socially and soul Engineered to do what no other REAL human could or would do before in the history of our nation – turn over the children of the nation, especially everyone elses child but EVEN INCLUDING THEIR OWN, to the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement so that they may be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually molested prior to being physically molested.  This utterly monstrous development is rapidly spreading throughout our culture., society, and nation and is especially germinating in virtually all of the political parties of the nation – starting with the Democrats, Greens, and Libertarians and extending into the ” establishment ” wing of the Republican Party.  Even the Constitution Party, though it is the last political party holdout against such attack, has experienced its first ” infection ” of this monstrous development.

The end result is that this massive attack upon men, women, children, and indeed the future of both our nation and humanity as a whole is taken to the political arena.  No stone can be left unturned in the war of The Army of Death in its drive for victory over its Army of Life opponent.

Bottom Line – When a nation abandons its children to the utter, complete, and total evil of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement that nation is then dead.  It is only a matter of time until it becomes official; i.e.; the nation collapses and its people are defeated and utterly destroyed.  Such is the fate of the Constitutional Republic of the United States unless the Army of Death and its attack force of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement is defeated.

Thank you for the opportunity to address these issues with you.

I make the following suggestion for your consideration – Perhaps you can publish our correspondence ” as it is ” with any personal details for yourself being appropriately left out.

My commentary will bring the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement and its lackeys/allies to full attack mode but it is a battle which must occur.  Far better to ” let it all hang out ” than to parse and minimize the wording in any possible way.

I hope that this reply finds you well.

Best to you and in your own personal battle against The Enemy of God.

Don J. Grundmann, D.C.  Chairman  Constitution Party of California

P.S. – Also in regard to your previous question the ” Pride Parades ” of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement are designed for the complete obliteration of shame; i.e.; to produce shameless degenerates who say ” go to Hell ” to their conscience which is actually the representative of God telling them that they are wrong; i.e.; sinful and in rebellion to Him.  For the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement, as well as the singular pervert, the soul cleansing element of shame must be annihilated as it is their mortal enemy.  The same applies to lackeys/supporters of The Movement such as those who attacked the Boy Scouts as just one of, unfortunately, countless examples.

6 responses to “My Interview With Don Grundmann On Homosexuality

  1. This kind of hate is just sick. I had been following this new website for third-party news, but since I can get that elsewhere, I’m done with this outfit.


  2. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Concerned – FDBG is simply demonstrating a tried and true tactic of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement – claim that they are sooooo offended that they are leaving the site permanently. They do this to advance the view that allowing such information/opinions to be presented will be financially detrimental to anyone allowing their dissemination. It is just another of their warfare tactics. He/She/It could fully read it but their real objective is to stop anyone else from reading it. Hence FDBG is simply ” the worm ” talking/writing.


  3. Don J. Grundmann, D.C.

    Concerned – I forgot a key point; such being the standardized usage of the word ” hate ” by FDBG. This is straight out of the Social Engineering playbook of repeating a lie often enough in an attempt to strangle the opposition and avoid any true discussion – such as the hatred of FDBG for normality and he/she/its support of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement attack upon children.

    The War upon Humanity includes the battlefield of language. When perverts and degenerates cast their opponents as ” haters ” and use fake words like ” homophobia ” it is a measure of how close we are ( we are actually already there ) to Orwells ” 1984 ” of “newspeak ” where war is peace, slavery is freedom, etc.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Chairman Constitution Party of California

    P.S. – I commend you for the courage to print this article. I predict that you will be, wrongfully, severely attacked because of this action as it goes against the desires of the Plantation Masters and their lackeys/supporters ( as we can already see ) to suppress such information. As you can see they are such strong supporters of the 1st Amendment.


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