Liberty Voice: Evan Falchuk Giving Malcontents a Voice in Massachusetts

Evan Falcjuk

(The following was originally published in Liberty Voice.)

Every election, talking heads from a variety of special interests step forward and present themselves as independent candidates in order to raise awareness for their issue or cause in the public spotlight, but Evan Falchuk appears to be of a different breed. With the founding of the United Independent Party, he has taken a different approach from the conventional independent campaign. Conducting his own poll in Massachusetts, he reports that nearly 60 percent of voters in the state were calling for a new, independent party. With such a high percentage of malcontents looking for someone to represent them, Falchuk made the obvious move and stepped in to give them a voice.

More than a once-and-done candidacy, what the Evan Falchuk campaign is doing is actually building a party. Not just being the face of an issue, this Gubernatorial candidate has an actual platform to stand on. In the current political landscape, most of the time party affiliation automatically fills in the blanks for voters with respect to the position of a candidate on an issue. Falchuk has challenged those admitted malcontents not to settle for “column A” or “column B” when it comes to what is important to them. He backs it up with a website and blog which actually has his considered opinions out and articulated for people to see. Evan Falchuk has seen the benefit of  not painting with the wide brush so often seen with the Democrats and Republicans in their campaigns. He doesn’t mind discussing the details.

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