American Freedom Party members protest against “invasion of illegals”

Posted on the American Freedom Party website:

July 22, 2014

Salem, Oregon | It’s exactly 1,050 miles from the Northeast Center St. overpass along Interstate 5 in Salem to the Mexican border.

About two-dozen people lined the overpass with American flags and signs on Saturday afternoon for Salem’s slice of the big national movement this weekend against illegal immigration.

“We have compassion for the people coming here. But it’s important they know they can’t stay,” said Cynthia Kendoll, president of Oregonians for Immigration Reform, the group that helped organize Salem’s event. “They need to return to their home countries.”

Most of the protesters trying to get drivers to pay attention were white and American-born, except for a man named Ryan Trasad.

Trasad is an immigrant himself who came to the United States 40 years ago from the Fiji Islands, closer to New Zealand than America.

“I don’t think anybody I’ve talked to is against [LEGAL] immigrants,” said Trasad. “We’re a land of immigrants. We know that.”

Trasad echoed the comments of Laura Cole, who was at the same protest on the overpass with her husband and 4-year-old son.

Laura Cole commented “Mexico for Mexicans…” There are many who believe that America should have a ten year moratorium on all immigration



One thought on “American Freedom Party members protest against “invasion of illegals”

  1. Christopher

    Many well meaning people are easily being deceived. In fact they seem to be just that children stories.

    Kirsten Powers: (Border) children’s stories

    “Two 15-year-old boys said they walked from El Salvador alone. These weren’t rehearsed stories from children who have been coached on what to say to serve some agenda. If you were there, you could feel how real they were.”

    The distance between San Salvador and McAllen, Texas is 1042 miles. Say one can walk a mile in 20 minutes. 3 miles an hour. 30 miles if one walks non-stop for 10 hours a day. It would take about 35 days. What is the real story?

    Report: Misinformation is a key factor in undocumented immigration surge by Luis Carlos Lopez

    Undocumented Immigrant Children Spurred By Reuniting With Families, Not Just Violence


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