Illinois GOP intimidates voters in effort to keep Libertarians off the ballot

Posted on the Libertarian Party of Illinois Facebook page today
Voter intimidation on the part of the Republican party?

Just had a knock on my door from a young kid who identified himself as representing the Republican Party. He showed me a copy of the Libertarian Illinois candidate ballot access petition I’d signed, while inquiring if the signature was in fact mine. Then he asked if I remembered if it was a male or a female who had been collecting the signatures, hoping my answer might be inconsistent with the petition circulator’s gender. When I asked why Republicans didn’t have anything better do with their time, like maybe run a campaign, for example, he replied, “I’m just doing my job”. So I asked him to confirm that he was getting paid to go door to door, and that the goal was to attempt to contact all 30,000 remaining signators in a similar manner, even though the Republicans had already failed a formal challenge of the petition that recently took place in Springfield, both of which he affirmed.

I always knew these guys were pathetic, but this may be a new low.


ALERT!! ALERT!! Republican operatives with copies of our petitions are personally visiting people at their homes in an intimidation tactic to get people to back away from their signatures. KEEP ALERT!! if you are visited by one of them, be prepared to record them. They are driving from home to home. Get their license plate. Get footage!!! Spread the word!!!

One thought on “Illinois GOP intimidates voters in effort to keep Libertarians off the ballot

  1. Christopher

    I would engage them on a personal level. If simply a young GOP kid he or she has been enticed by the lure for a little weekend pocket money.

    I have never voted for a Democrat, but in HS I participated in a “Get out the Vote” effort for a D-congressman for a mere $35. I was a political neophyte in the 11th grade.

    I would say, yes remain alert, but instead of video recording young kids simply say respect my privacy and hand them an LP or AFP brochure.


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