Burlington Free Press: Libertarian Candidate Draws GOP Interest

Glen Russel

(The following was originally published in the Burlington Free Press.)

ESSEX JUNCTION- Dan Feliciano sits on the screened-in porch of his home overlooking a tree-covered backyard. He has an iPad in front of him filled with numbers and projections and talks excitedly about his experience at making organizations more efficient.

“This is his hobby,” said Feliciano’s wife, Carol.

“This is what I love,” Feliciano affirmed.

Feliciano, 51, has made a career as a business consultant creating efficiencies for firms such as Cigna and Aetna health care, IBM, Travelers Insurance and the Medical College of Virginia. He’s now employed by Keurig Green Mountain in Waterbury, where his job involves improving production efficiency.

When he’s done working he still likes to talk efficiency. Feliciano would like to put his “hobby” to use in making state government more efficient, cutting spending and lowering taxes. The father of three is running for governor as the Libertarian Party candidate.

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