Independent Joshua Ramirez Announces Congressional Candidacy

Joshua Ramirez

(The following was found on Independent Congressional candidate Joshua Ramirez’s campaign website.)

Pasco Independent Announces Candidacy

for Washington’s 4th Congressional District

            Washington State has never had an Independent representative in Congress. This year Joshua Ramirez, a resident of Pasco, has decided that the people of his district have an opportunity to change that. On March 2nd, Joshua will officially announce his candidacy to serve the people of his district and the state of Washington. Under the banner of “Liberty, Love, and Equality” Josh Ramirez believes that partisanship can be defeated and sensible government once again made the standard.

Running under the Independent ticket, the foundation of the campaign is sending a message of unity and partnership. “We are all Americans who share this great land, and we need to remember that,” declares Mr. Ramirez. “It will take courage, it will mean stepping out of your comfort zone, it will mean opening your mind, and will sometimes require you to swallow your pride. But for your country, you can find common ground with your fellow countryman.”

Currently, Josh is using these principles as a foundation to address the issues he sees locally and nationally. One important focus of the campaign is the U.S. Trade Deficit and the effects of trade policy on unemployment and the economy. With the slogan “Reshore, Restore, Revitalize” he is spreading the message of stateside job growth. Through mutual respect and partnership of job creators and wage earners, Joshua trusts that the people in his district will have access to job growth and prosperity. Another major focus is to foster an environment right for problem solving. Leading by example, Josh is calling for a more inclusive political conversation, where the participants view themselves as partners instead of enemies.

Joshua brings with him a wealth of diversified experience and education, which helps him relate to the many different issues that the people of 4th District face.  He has a master’s degree in management, and some of his experience includes being a U.S. Army veteran, adjunct faculty at Columbia Basin College, an analyst at Hanford, a rancher and farmer, and working in construction.

As the campaign kicks into high gear, people interested in learning more or who want to get involved are asked to visit Josh’s official websites and social media feeds. Links provided below.

The campaign launch event and meet-and-greet will be held this Sunday, March 2nd, at 11 am at the Wingstop in Pasco.


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