IVN: American Party Candidate Jill Bossi Pushes Term Limits in S.C Senate Race

Jill Bossi

(The following was originally published on the Independent Voter Network.)

In the 2014 U.S. Senate race in South Carolina, most of the focus seems to be on Senator Tim Scott’s campaign to not only be the first black senator to serve South Carolina in the Senate, but the first elected black senator in the state. In December 2012, Governor Nikki Haley appointed Scott to replace retiring Senator Jim DeMint. He is running to win the final two years of DeMint’s term.

However, with all the focus on one candidate, the media is ignoring the minor party candidates in the race.

Among those candidates is Jill Bossi, a businesswoman who recently worked as the vice president and chief procurement officer of the American Red Cross.

Bossi was recently endorsed by the Centrist Project Voice, a political action committee founded by the Centrist Project. The organization says it is the first PAC to support candidates who are willing to put partisanship aside in order to focus on the issues most critical to the nation.

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