KELO: Pressler Calls for Campaign Finance Reform

Larry Pressler

(The following was originally published in KELO.)

Sioux Falls, SD (KELO AM) – Senator Larry Pressler today said he would vote for SJ Res. 19, a motion by Senator Udall of New Mexico to reverse the Supreme Court ruling allowing unlimited campaign contributions. Pressler also said he would vote on all tabling motions and cloture motions in such a manner as to help the bill pass. Senators sometimes vote for tabling motions and cloture motions that would essentially kill a bill, and then vote for final passage when it does not count and their vote is not needed.

Pressler said, “I still have fears that this vote on campaign finance reform may never occur. The phenomena of the US Senate is that many important things are never actually directly voted upon – they are debated and then they somehow just disappear from a final up-or-down vote. I hope this does not occur. Part of my reason for running for the Senate as an Independent is that I would be free of the ‘cloture vote tyranny’ used by both the Republican and Democratic caucuses.”

Pressler has frequently cited the fact that the special interests that control the Congress frequently will not allow an up-or-down vote on the most important ideas in our society by using the cloture and tabling method to eliminate a final up-or-down vote. “For example, many of the most important ideas surrounding the Affordable Care Act or the Dodd-Frank legislation have never come up for a final yes-or-no vote. I hope this is not the case with SJ Res. 19, the constitutional amendment to reverse the court’s campaign finance decision,” said Pressler.

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