Ballot Access News: Illinois Republican Party Hires Students to go Door-to-Door, Interviewing Voters Who Singed Libertarian Statewide Petition

(The following was originally published in Ballot Access News.)

The “binder check” process for the Illinois Libertarian Party statewide challenge has been finished for almost a week, and the results are that the Libertarian Party has approximately 33,000 valid signatures. 25,000 are needed. Nevertheless, the Illinois Republican Party has hired college students to ring the doorbells of voters who signed the petition, asking if the voter “really” signed the petition. The challengers to the petition are now trying to invalidate all sheets circulated by certain petitioners.

In 1998, the “binder check” process also resulted in a finding that the Libertarian Party statewide petition had enough valid signatures, yet the party was still kept off the ballot when, afterwards, the State Board of Elections eliminated all the sheets circulated by certain petitioners.

It is possible evidence of this activity will be brought into the pending Illinois Green Party ballot access case, which will be heard August 13.

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