KELO: Pressler: Raise the Federal Gas Tax

Larry Pressler

(The following was originally published in KELO.)


ioux Falls, SD (KELO AM) – Former Senator Larry Pressler said today that he would co-sponsor and vote for an immediate 12 cent per gallon increase in the gas tax to help pay for highway and road and bridge-related construction projects (the federal 18.4 cent per gallon gas tax and the 24.4 cent per gallon diesel tax has not been increased in 20 years). “I am sharply critical of Congress’ apparent decision to delay the vote until May of 2015 because lawmakers are reluctant to raise taxes in an election year,” said Pressler.

“As a fiscal conservative and a member of the Fix the Debt group, I have been a strong proponent of cutting certain expenditures such as foreign military expenditures and maintaining so many military bases overseas. But we also have to enhance revenues in some programs to have a balanced budget. We are now adding on to the national debt our highway improvement programs until next May.”

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