Green Party: Pipeline Protest Reaches the Massachusetts State House


(The following was originally published on the Green Party website.)

About 500 opponents of the proposed Kinder Morgan natural gas pipeline assembled for a protest on Boston Common across from the Statehouse in Boston on Wednesday, July 30, 2014. The rally was the culmination of a series of marches organized in communities along the pipeline route. After the rally the march organizers, including NoFrackedGasinMass and the Massachusetts Pipeline Action Network (MassPLAN), led constituents into the State House to lobby legislators and the governor.

About 15 members of the Green-Rainbow Party attended the rally and Danny Factor, GRP candidate for Secretary of the Commonwealth, was in attendance. Factor handed out a flyer thanking the protesters. The flyer was signed by the three statewide candidates of the Green-Rainbow Party. The GRP is the only political party that has taken a position in opposition to the pipeline. Grassroots pressure has resulted in several state legislators in pipeline communities taking positions against the pipeline. Governor Deval Patrick has been advancing the pipeline through a largely secret collaboration with pipeline companies and electricity bureaucrats.

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