Philly Now: Green Party Optimistic After Counting Signatures


(The following was originally published in Philly Now.)

It’s in a basement bar in West Philadelphia that Paul Glover says he’s starting to feel like a real candidate for governor.

For the last hour and a half, about 15 volunteers with the Green Party of Pennsylvania have been organizing, counting and notarizing signatures to be filed with Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State so Glover can run for governor against Democrat Tom Wolf and Republican Tom Corbett this fall.

After several months of work, it’s the final week before the state requires independent parties hand in their signatures, and up until now, no one was quite sure how many the Green Party had collected statewide. Now, everyone’s got an idea—and, with nervous optimism, it looks like Glover will reach the threshold.

The people in the basement of Cavanaugh’s University City represent a small portion of the small Green Party of Philadelphia which, like third parties all over the U.S., is made up of people whose first job is definitely not politics, and whose politics are wholeheartedly outside the mainstream, both in terms of their societal ideas and their continued thoughts on America’s two-party system.

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