IAP Lawsuit to Allow 3rd Party Candidates in Debates

Independent American Party

(The following was originally published on the Independent American Party website.)


The individuals set forth below hereby agree to be included as plaintiffs in a lawsuit to be filed against the Utah Debate Commission seeking to compel the Utah Debate Commission to include in their debates all candidates who will appear on the November ballot so the public has an opportunity to be informed about all of their possible choices, and voters can make up their own mind about the individuals they feel will best represent their interests in public office.

Additionally, you can chose to Download the petition, sign and fax it to 928-208-4390 or scan and email it to independenceforever@live.com

LAWSUIT AGAINST THE UTAH DEBATE COMMISSION The Utah Debate Commission (or “UDC”) is sponsoring a series of debates in September and October including candidates for Utah’s four congressional districts and attorney general. The debates will be hosted at publicly funded universities, with the exception of one debate that will be hosted by BYU. The debates will be broadcast live on public television. As a general rule, the UDC conducts its meetings and businesses in municipal and other public venues.

The stated purposes of the debates if for voters to gain information about candidates. However, rather than simply including all candidates who will appear on the November ballot in the debates, the UDC has made a decision to strictly limit participation in the debates to only candidates who receive a specified percentage of support in a poll conducted in August. In other words, instead of using the debates as a vehicle to educate the voters about all of the candidates who will appear in the general election, the UDC is using the debates to only promote those candidates with the money to reach out to voters on their own in order to gain name recognition. By doing so, the UDC is inherently biased towards and favoring candidates from the major political parties, and is promoting the message that only the candidates selected by the UDC to participate in the debates are viable candidates worthy of consideration by the voters.

Notably,UDC claims to be non-partisan. However, the Co-Chairs of the UDC are Bob Bennett (former Republican Senator) and Scott Howell (former Utah State Democratic Party Chair). The UDC Board is stacked with staunch Democrats and Republicans, including Thomas Wright (former Utah State Republican Chair), with zero representation on the Board by any other political party.

Political parties other than the Republicans and Democrats, as well as candidates for office and members of the public at large, have all joined forces to file a lawsuit against the UDC for its blatantly partisan and discriminatory actions in conducting debates at publicly funded universities to be broadcast on public television, and in manipulating the debates in an attempt to exclude all candidates other than the Republican and Democratic nominees, and thereby strictly limit the information available to the voters at large when they cast their vote in the November general elections.

If you would like to join as a plaintiff in this lawsuit in your capacity as a member of the public at large who is being harmed by the actions of the UDC which improperly limit your access to information about all candidates who will appear on the November ballot for whom you have the ability to cast your own vote, and if you will not tolerate such a blatantly biased manipulation of the political process by the Republicans and the Democrats, then please sign the accompanying petition. By signing the petition, you agree to be counted as one of the many people opposed to the partisan and manipulative actions of the UDC, but you will not have any financial liability associated with the lawsuit for attorney fees, court costs, etc.

Additionally, you can chose to Download the petition, sign and fax it to 928-208-4390 or scan and email it to independenceforever@live.com


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