Green Party: Bob Henry Files for US Senate in West Virginia


(The following was originally published on the Green Party’s website.)

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Last week, Dr. Bob Henry Baber was nominated by the Mountain Party to run for the United States Senate. Baber filed his candidacy papers at the Secretary of State’s Office at 10:00 a.m. on Friday August 1st.

Baber was elated, stating, “I am honored to have the opportunity to speak for people who are disenfranchised with the “business as usual” Republicrats who unconditionally promote West Virginia’s extraction industries regardless of the safety of their workers and the health of our communities. I support full disclosure of all toxic chemicals and the deadly waste by-products from the rapidly advancing and under-regulated Fracking Industry.”

Asked about his opposition, Baber made it quite clear. “Capito is the wrong person at the wrong time to represent WV in Congress. Her campaigns have always been funded by the rich and powerful. She’s become a multimillionaire since she was first elected, and her campaign donors have been the likes of Freedom industries and Tom De Lay’s crooked Super-Pac. That’s why she opposes raising the minimum wage and could care less that 40 million Americans are without healthcare. She voted against paycheck equality for women has even fought against loans for college students. Her record on protecting the environment and the health of the people throughout our state is terrible.”

Baber further explains, “Mountaintop removal and hydrofracking are not just ruining our water and air, they are driving people off their own land and destroying entire communities. Unlike my opponents, I don’t believe in free rides for the corporations or paying lip service to fake “balancing” of environmental concerns with development. When I am elected, the people of this state will always come first.”

Baber’s perspective is definitely unique in this race. “I am running for clean water, sustainable economic development, small businesses, education, veterans, senior citizens, and to protect the environment. Unlike my opponents I am not beholding to any lobbyists, Super-Pacs, party politics or special interests. I will neither seek nor accept corporate donations to my campaign. That’s why I eagerly challenge my opponents to debate, where I will speak only the truth.”

Dr. Bob Henry Baber served in public office as Mayor of Richwood, West Virginia. During his tenure he cleaned up the polluted Cherry River, restored the depot, repaired sidewalks, secured Christian volunteers to fix resident’s homes, repaired roads, and tore down dilapidated structures, all while saving money.

Baber, 63, has four children, one grandchild, and resides in Greenbrier and Gilmer Counties. He is a Kellogg Fellow, a winner of the National Wilderness Society Hero Award for growing the Cranberry Wilderness, was the Director of the WV Veterans Legacy Project.

Bob is also a widely recognized Appalachian writer and artist.

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