Only 3 of 16 American Opposition Parties support Israel

The above is from the Constitution Party’s Facebook page, published today. 



July 31, 2014

Only 3 of 16 American Opposition Parties support Israel

July 31, 2014. Gaza, Palestine. (ONN) As the Palestinian civilian death toll rises in Gaza, more and more Americans are taking sides on the issue. Recent polls show the American people support Israel by a two to one margin with a full one-third undecided or with an equal condemnation of both sides. America’s political opposition has taken the opposing view, with the vast majority supporting Palestinian independence and sovereignty. Read on to see where each party stands on the issue.


America’s opposition political parties don’t necessarily oppose Israel or support Palestine. They oppose apartheid, genocide and oppression. Image courtesy of


Far left, far right in agreement

Of America’s 16 opposition political parties, 8 support Palestine, 3 support Israel, and 5 are either neutral, non-interventionist or have no stated position on the conflict. It’s interesting to note that the parties in the middle of the US political spectrum (moderate, center-left, center-right) are in total disagreement, representing three completely different positions. While the extreme left and extreme right are in total agreement in their support for Palestine, or at least their opposition to Israel.


It’s also worth looking at the stated reasons each party supports the side they do. In the socialists’ case, they don’t support Palestine as much as they support all people unjustly persecuted by wealthy, militaristic imperialists. And nobody falls into that category of victims more than the Palestinians in Gaza. Many of America’s nationalists also support Palestine, but only because they are already pitted against global Zionism.

Moderates in total disagreement

Of the more moderate opposition political parties in the US, they all find themselves on the side they do because of longstanding beliefs and platforms. In the cases of the 3 parties that currently support Israel, the stated reason is because they’ve always seen America as a divinely-inspired “Judeo-Christian” nation. For them, America is eternally intertwined with Israel and God’s “chosen people”.


On the other side of the issue are America’s moderate opposition parties currently backing Palestine. Almost unanimously, they stand opposed to apartheid, genocide and military conquests for empire. Ignoring each country’s political and religious beliefs, they simply support basic human rights, freedoms, equality and equal representation under the law. To them, Israel resembles Nazi Germany more than a modern democracy.

Israel vs. Palestine

Based on party announcements, press releases and official platforms, Opposition News has compiled a list showing where each of America’s 16 opposition political parties stands on the Israel-Palestine issue.


Libertarian Party – neutral (non-intervention)

‘American foreign policy should seek an America at peace with the world. Our foreign policy should emphasize defense against attack from abroad and enhance the likelihood of peace by avoiding foreign entanglements. We would end the current US government policy of foreign intervention, including military and economic aid. We recognize the right of all people to resist tyranny and defend themselves and their rights. We condemn the use of force, and especially the use of terrorism, against the innocent, regardless of whether such acts are committed by governments or by political or revolutionary groups.’



Green Party – Palestine

‘The Green Party of the United States is calling for an immediate ceasefire in the current exchange of missiles between Israeli and Palestinian forces, negotiation for a just and peaceful resolution to the conflict, an end to Israel’s occupation of Palestinian Territories and human rights violations, repeal of apartheid policies in Israel, and establishment of one democratic state for all in Israel-Palestine.’



Constitution Party – Israel

‘The Constitution Party platform does not address Israel specifically. It does not support policies which would get the United States involved in the internal affairs of other nations, including Israel. That being said, we would not interfere in the efforts of private individuals and organizations to provide aid and support to Israel, without using taxpayer funds…The majority of members of the Constitution Party do recognize Israel as the homeland of God’s Chosen People, but the Constitution itself does not authorize the civil government to provide aid or support to any nation other than the United States.’

Read the rest of the article HERE.

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