Jeff McCormick says: “Baker is Out of Touch on Central American Migrants.”


(The following was originally published on Jeff McCormick’s campaign website.)

Quincy, MA – Jeff McCormick says: “Baker is out of touch on Central American migrants.”

Independent candidate for Governor Jeff McCormick criticized Republican Charlie Baker for his continued support of Deval Patrick’s plans to host hundreds of migrants from Central America.

McCormick, responding to Baker’s comments on WCVB’s Sunday morning “On the Record” show said: “It is naive of Charlie Baker to think that the federal government will fulfill their promise of processing the Central American migrants within 35 days. That’s like believing the “Big Dig”was on time and on budget.”

McCormick has consistently stated: “The world is filled with many people who suffer from hunger, terror, war and injustice, the people of Massachusetts can not solve all of the problems of the world.”


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