Constitution Party of Illinois ballot access effort fails

Posted August 19, 2013

Ballot Access Report

For Immediate Release


The Constitution Party of Illinois will NOT be on the ballot for the 2014 General Elections

Metropolis, IL, August 19, 2014: With the election still a few months away, the Constitution Party of Illinois and its candidates have conceded their defeat in an attempt to gain ballot access for the 2014 General Elections.

Chairman of the Constitution Party, Randy Stufflebeam said, “The Republican Party has once again successfully ensured that real conservatives will not be on the November ballot to compete in the General Election this year (as they did in 2010). Illinois voters should be incensed by this constant unconstitutional elimination of competition. It is the Illinois voters who suffer, because they have no real choice on the ballot. Both the Republican and Democrat Parties, ensure that the status quo continues so that they can continue to line their pockets on the backs of the voter.”

The Illinois State Constitution, Article 3, Section 3 – ELECTIONS states: “All elections shall befree and equal.” Further, Article 3, Section 4 of the Illinois State Constitution – ELECTION LAWS states: “Laws governing voter registration and conduct of elections shall be general and uniform.”

Tim Pearcy, former chairman of the Constitution Party of Illinois said, “Election laws in the state of Illinois violate its own Constitution. Obviously, elections are NOT FREE, they are expensive and they certainly are NOT EQUAL. Consider that Republicans and Democrats pass laws that force “New Parties” to get 25,000 [uncontestable] signatures while they need only 5,000. Further, it should also be obvious that the conduct of elections are neither general nor uniform. They are specifically different for the various parties and are not uniform.

In 2007, the Illinois Senate passed SB733 without dissent. It then went to the Madigan controlled House of Representatives where it died in committee. SB733 would have leveled the playing field for all candidates and would have changed the Illinois legislation to actually reflect its Constitution.

Pearcy added, “If Illinois voters ever want to see a constitutional restoration and an elimination of corruption in the state, they must realize that it will never come through the two-party-duopoly (otherwise known as the Republican and Democrat parties).”

The focus is building the Constitution Party for the next two years to ensure that no one will be able to eliminate us from the ballot in 2016. Will you join us?” Asked Stufflebeam.

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Randy Stufflebeam


Constitution   Party of Illinois

Phone   (618) 978-8542

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