Dean Capone: Reshoring Manufacturing Jobs

Dean Capone

(Dean Capone is a declared candidate for the 2016 Socialist Party USA Presidential nomination. The following was originally published on his campaign website.)

‘Reshoring’ – returning manufacturing andindustrial jobs to the United States from ‘OUTSOURCED’locations is a major initiative in future economic growth. Well-paying manufacturing jobs far offset the value of entry-level service sector and retail services employment, and are essential in once again balancing the playing field for worker’s economic benefit, as well as workplace democracy.

Within the past two years, several large US companies have taken the initiative to RELOCATE manufacturing operations to American factories. Although largely due to the real wage increases in the Chinese workplace – particularly the Yangtze River zone – the net positives of reshoring indeed form a bulwark in our position of meaningful and dynamic employment.

With maintaining manufacturing operations in the United States trending to a significantly IMPROVED TCO competitive position, it’s proactive to encourage and accelerate American jobs in order to eliminate minimal employment and reliance on service sector jobs.

This campaign supports initiatives to strengthen the burgeoning movement to return manufacturing to the United States – while also discouraging an over-reliance on automation in new American manufacturing operations.

We support the resolution of the US Manufacturing Summit to SECURE order pledges of over $250 billion in domestic manufactured goods over the next ten years. The campaign will also shortly issue a series of white papers, including a detailed plan to encourage reshoring for second tier manufacturing by partnering with labor to secure meaningful US industrial employment.

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