McCormick: Insider Coakley Dragged Her Feet on Justice


(The following was originally published on Jeff McCormick’s campaign website.)

Quincy, MA-After pressure from a series of articles by the Boston Globe, an investigation by an outside group, a class action lawsuit by families of patients, and my repeated calls for a special prosecutor, Martha Coakley has finally decided to do the right thing for the family of Joshua Messier. In a recent statement by the AG’s office, Coakley has announced that she will appoint a special prosecutor to look into the death of Joshua Messier at Bridgewater State Hospital in 2009.

From the very beginning, Martha Coakley has chosen to defend the corrections officers involved and the Plymouth District Attorney’s office, rather than standing up for the most vulnerable population of the Commonwealth.

A few weeks ago, I again highlighted the lack of transparency in this case from both sides of the aisle.  You can listen to the audio here.  As Governor, I will stand up for what is right for the people of the Commonwealth with transparency and expediency, rather than bend to the will of special interests groups protecting the insiders around me.

Unfortunately this case is not the only instance where Martha Coakley has chosen to drag her feet in doing the right thing.  Just last week the Davis family, whose son was beaten by state employees in the 1990s, filed a lawsuit against her. The family was awarded a settlement by two separate courts but it has yet to be paid.

This record is troubling for someone who says she will work for the people of Massachusetts. Time and again, she has been on the side defending the insiders.

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