Dean Capone: Vote With Your Pocket Book

Dean Capone

(Dean Capone is a candidate for the Socialist Party USA’s nomination for president in 2016. The following was originally published on his campaign website.)

Just as the Republicans and Democrats relentlessly focus on whatever ‘hot button’ issues dominate social media at the moment, it’s also easy for those on the left – including Socialists – to “lose the plot”.

This is definitely not to say that addressing flash-point issues that dominate the headlines at any given moment is counterproductive…situations such as the disturbance in Ferguson, Missouri absolutely require the urgent involvement of all parties advancing social justice. The same holds true for international events, or the ‘bread and butter‘ social issues, like marital RIGHTS, abortion, immigration world events – you name it.

That said, the overwhelming message of Socialist activists should be what it always has been: Are average workers being dealt a fair shake? The answer, of course is no.

As real jobs – good jobs – are replaced by service task and low-paying retail jobs, opportunity descends. As income inequality expands at an ever-quickening pace, the ‘American Dream’ – that with hard work, anyone can ‘make it’, surely dies.

We’re calling for those supporting our campaign, and indeed Socialists, progressives and anyone of any political stripe to simply vote with their own pocketbook.

Clearly, the status quo is not benefiting all Americans – only a narrow very few. This can be reversed.

Worker ownership of their labor, public stewardship of First Tier industry, a strong labor environment, a basic income for all Americans and bringing real jobs back to the United States are key components in our campaign.

Our call is for everyone wishing to see real prosperity, economic and social justice and opportunity in the United States join us in keeping our overall focus on this mission.

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