Times Union: Green Party’s Funiciello Looks to Freshen up Congress


(The following was originally published in the Times Union.)


While observers have been quick to label his opponents, Matt Funiciello, the 21st Congressional District’s Green Party candidate, has avoided the name calling while crafting a brand that comes across as refreshingly honest.

Funiciello of Glens Falls delivers unabashed commentary and ANALYSIS of district and national politics. He rails against corporate America and its effect on the political system. He scolds the news media’s lack of coverage of third-party candidates. And he isn’t shy about pointing out that he’s a small businessman who has policy ideas that could provide long-lasting jobs to turn around a district full of dying towns.

But why would voters choose a third-party candidate over a Democrat and Republican backed by millions of dollars and major parties, and who are getting the key coverage they need before the election this November?

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