Revolutionary Liberation Party Endorses Dean Capone

Dean Capone

(Dean Capone is a candidate for the Socialist Party USA’s presidential nomination in 2016. The Revolutionary Liberation Party describes itself as “a Socialist party with Anarcho-Libertarian principles on the fundamentals of humanism, independence, self-determination, dignity, progress and social justice, who want to bring a revolutionary alternative to the American electoral process in a democratic way to bring control of the means of production into the hands of the workers directly with direct representation via workers councils, no more elite control, proletariat control. We are for a united front with various leagues and groups. We demand, resist, fight, rebel against the system, to get our rights back, to keep our rights as humans.” They released the following statement concerning their endorsement:)

“The Revolutionary Liberation Party more than a group or an organization, is a coalition of some six hundred comrades, including the cadres of various revolutionary groups in the US and abroad. We find at times, for the US is the dominant empire in the world, and is preventing real Socialism from coming about, especially at home, that we must endorse a candidate in an election. We do not just rely on elections, for elections have to have the backing of a campaign and a movement, require the leader to speak for our common cause in a united front. The RLP is independent of the Socialist Party USA or any other political party for that matter. Therefore, we are separate, and at times associate with people from other parties or organizations that we see closely represent our values or principles. Since 2010 starting in the US midwest, the RLP has taken part in many actions, including civil disobedience. The RLP was also active in the occupy movement in the US, before that also supportive of the Arab Spring and the Indignados movement in Spain. As the founder of RLP, having lived in Spain, I am well acquainted with these movements. I started the party upon my arrival back to the States and at a time when rebellions were happening abroad, and that rebellion has reached home, culminated in the RLP. I have met Mr. Capone here in Saint Petersburg, FL, as I address you now from Tampa, and am confident he represents our values as Socialists, that reform is not the way, that trans-formative change is needed to replace the current system with a more fair system, which is Socialism, and that this can be done democratically. In Solidarity Comrade Al Suarez, founder of the Revolutionarty Liberation Party.”


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