Crying Eagles: US Senate Candidate Barred From Louisiana Debate


(Brannon McMorris is the Libertarian Party candidate for Senate in the state of Louisiana. The following was originally published in Crying Eagles.)

He can run, he just can’t speak. Brannon McMorris, a Libertarian party candidate for United States Senator from Louisiana, said that it appeared that while his name will show up on the ballot before voters this election year, his name will not be added to televised debate in October on the Louisiana Public Broadcasting (LPB) network. Money talks in debates, McMorris doesn’t.

As corruption in Louisiana is at an all-time high,(according to recent published surveys and reports) it appears that even the Citizens for A Better Louisiana (CABL) can be compromised. Perhaps CABL should shift it’s name around to reflect what is really going on with a new moniker like: “Citizens for A Bought and paid for Louisiana.” When an organization like CABL, whose directors claim to be non-partisan, does not present the candidates who can appear on a ballot but not to the state via the mass media, then that is called censorship.

When an organization, which claims to be for the betterment of Louisiana, is dishonest and disingenuous in it’s suppression of the truth, then it does not benefit society nor is it for the betterment of anything except the political status quo. The more that those in power want to pretend that there isn’t a third party in this country, the more stronger that third party grows. Passing itself off as state-funded, viewer-driven educational TV, LPB and it’s board of directors has merely become assimilated into the cogs and wheels of Baton Rouge corruption and “politics as usual” and the Louisiana Educational Television Authority (LETA) should be ashamed. As LPB and CABL will not serve the public interest in presenting Mr. McMorris as a candidate, we at would like to offer a platform to Mr. McMorris and have him answer five questions that are “not ready for prime-time.”

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