NPA: FL Governor’s Race: The Man With a Plan


(The following was originlly published in my FDL.)

By Anthony Noel
NPA Communications Director

As the Rick Scott and Charlie Crist elephant-and-jackass show gathers steam in Florida, a candidate who shares one similarity with Crist – a 2010 gubernatorial run as an Independent – is being largely overlooked.

But for Farid Khavari, an Iranian-American economist and author, that’s where the similarities end.

Khavari’s birthplace means he has no presidential aspirations (although in the cases of both Scott and Crist, delusions might be the better word). And his thoroughly fleshed-out policy initiatives mean Khavari won’t be passing himself off as a Florida Democrat anytime soon.

“Florida’s Democrat leadership serves the Republican Party,” Khavari insists. “There is no opposition to the extremist Republican agenda in the legislature; 40 seats are not even contested by Democrats. This state has been ruled by a minority party for decades – Scott elected by only 23.2 percent of voters, Crist by 24 percent.”

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