Tampa Green Party: Vote for Independent Governor of Florida


(The following was originally published on the Tampa Bay Green Party’s website.)

In the upcoming elections you have the rare chance to vote for a progressive governor for Florida outside of the two parties. See your vote as a effective protest against our two party system.

The Democrat and Republican parties are so close together they almost form one party. They argue against each other until elected. They do whatever serve them best. An example is the Iraq war. Democrats criticized Republicans until elected. As the Democrats got elected they took the weapons out of Iraq and gave it to our own police force to use them against us, the citizens.

Why I support Medical Marijuana, and why we need the right governor for it. Legalization should follow.

It is simply cruel to withhold the benefits of a safe natural substance from people who suffer from a variety of ailments, many of which cannot be cured by pharmaceutical drugs. There is no doubt that medical marijuana will reduce HEALTH CARE COSTS in Florida and reduce a lot of suffering. Certainly it would create some jobs and even some tax revenue.

20 states with the majority of the US population have already legalized medical marijuana, with legislation pending in more states. Finally, medical marijuana is on the Florida ballot this year (Amendment 2). I urge you to vote for it, whether you need it (now) or not. read more:http://www.khavariforgovernor.com

The only way to real change is to vote for what you believe, not the lesser of two evils. Vote for any third party. Vote for the independent Governor Farid Khavari and his progressive agenda on November 4.

We endorse the independent Governor Farid Khavari and his progressive agenda on November 4.

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