Gainsville Times: Libertarian Candidate for Governor Hunt Addresses UNG Students

Andrew Hunt

(The following was originally published in the Gainsville Times.)

Libertarian candidate for governor Andrew Hunt spoke Monday to the Politically Incorrect Club at the University of North Georgia, outlining his platform as a third-party candidate.

Hunt is running against Democrat Jason Carter and incumbent Republican Gov. Nathan Deal.

Hunt gave students a lesson in the hurdles the Libertarian Party of Georgia faces each election cycle because it lacks full ballot access.

He said if the party can bring in 20 percent of the vote in the governor’s race, the party will get that access, which woulld help with fundraising and recruiting candidate.

Hunt described Libertarians as small-government advocates bent on expanding personal freedoms, a position that puts the party in line with Republicans on some issues and Democrats on others.

But, Hunt added, “There’s a lot of variation within the party.”

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