Evan Falchuk, United Independent Candidate For Governor, Earns Eight Endorsements from Black Leaders Statewide

Evan Falcjuk

(The following was originally published on Evan Falchuk’s campaign website.)

For Immediate Release
October 2, 2014
Contact: Jen Beltz, Falchuk for Governor
jbeltz@falchuk2014.org, Ph: (617) 780-0821

Evan Falchuk, United Independent Party Candidate for Governor,
Earns Eight Endorsements from Black Leaders Statewide

Campaign opens additional field office in Worcester, Mass.

Boston – Eight leaders from Massachusetts’ black community today announced their formal endorsement of Evan Falchuk, United Independent Party candidate for governor of Massachusetts.

From the Boston area, Pastor Kevin Coakley, in ministry for over 20 years and pastor of one of the most historic churches in Boston’s South End has endorsed Falchuk, as has Minister Mary Franklin, a Boston community activist dedicated to empowering women who have lost family members to murder. From Boston’s South End, Pastor Don Osgood, a community youth and anti-violence advocate for the past 15 years, also announced today his endorsement of Falchuk.

“I support Evan Falchuk because he has shown himself to be much more than a politician,” Franklin stated. “Evan is a man who deeply believes all men and women were created equally. His walk and talk has shown he’s committed to the people government overlooks. Evan believes everyone can succeed in life if given the appropriate support. It’s one of the biggest reasons why I’m supporting Evan Falchuk for Governor of Massachusetts.”

“Evan Falchuk has made me hopeful for real reform and improvement in our state,” Coakley agreed. “He’s a candidate of real ideas – not politics as usual. Job creation is a key platform plank of Evan’s, as well as lowering the cost of living in Massachusetts. Pragmatic plans on both of these key fronts are what have been missing for too long in too many communities, and it’s a prime reason why my support and vote are with Evan.”

Falchuk also earned several Worcester area candidate endorsements, including from Pastor Bruschetta Swindell – a ministry leader and organizer for over a decade who works with families and in substance abuse prevention, and a noted civil rights and justice activist – and from Pastor Gladys Gbesorgbor, a senior pastor active in leadership training and development throughout greater Worcester.

An additional Worcester endorsement came from Bishop Walter Weekes, a church leader for the past 30 years, community organizer, and advocate who works primarily with inner-city young people, and acts as mentor to youth across the country.

From other parts of Massachusetts, endorsements for Falchuk have come from Dawn Duncan of Lynn, a community volunteer and activist working alongside non-profit agencies and churches, and Pastor Monterial Bynoe of Randolph, active for many years in youth mentorship and family development work throughout Taunton and Randolph.

Falchuk, who is calling for a greater focus on and increased resources for job training, early childhood education and lowering the skyrocketing cost of living in Massachusetts, recently was the featured guest at a clergy leaders event in Roxbury, where many leaders from throughout Massachusetts came on board and committed to the Falchuk for Governor campaign.

Opening of Falchuk office in Worcester

The Falchuk campaign also announced today the recent opening of another Falchuk for Governor campaign office. Falchuk’s Worcester field office, centrally located at 319 Main Street in the heart of downtown Worcester’s financial business district, will support the campaign’s extensive canvassing and outreach work in central Mass. The Worcester office will be staffed each day for volunteers and voters who wish to stop by for more information about the candidate, his positions, and his detailed plans to lower the cost of living in Massachusetts. Falchuk’s campaign headquarters remain at 177 Tremont Street in Boston.
About Evan Falchuk
Evan Falchuk (www.Falchuk2014.org) is the United Independent Party Candidate for Governor of Massachusetts. A Massachusetts native and global business executive, Falchuk is calling for smart, brave reform of our politics, economy and government. Founded in January 2013 by Falchuk and supporters from throughout Massachusetts, the United Independent Party is committed to moving from the outdated establishment debate of “small government versus big government” to one focused on greater fiscal accountability to voters, stronger protection of civil rights, and innovative, pragmatic solutions that improve the day-to-day lives of people, families and communities.

About Angus Jennings
Angus G. Jennings (www.Falchuk2014.org/Jennings) is the United Independent Party Candidate for Lt. Governor of Massachusetts, running mate with Evan Falchuk for Governor of Massachusetts. Jennings is calling for smart, brave reform of our politics, economy and government, with a particular emphasis on building thriving communities. A highly regarded land planning and housing professional, Jennings has earned awards and recognition for his work throughout the Commonwealth.


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