HeraldOnline.com: Senate Candidate Appeals to Winthrop Students

Jill Bossi

(Jill Bossi is the American Party candidate for U.S. Senate in South Carolina. The following was originally published in the hearldonline.com.)

Jill Bossi has a problem: Just more than a month from the Nov. 4 election, you might not know who she is.

The U.S. Senate candidate of the new American Party of South Carolina is trying to shift the focus from a two-party system that normally only has room for Republicans and Democrats. A Tega Cay resident, she spoke Tuesday to a small gathering at Winthrop University organized by the campus’ Young Americans chapter, hoping to generate some votes, volunteers and overall attention to her campaign.

The stakes she laid out for November seemed high. Bossi encouraged the students – admittedly, a self-selecting group who would turn out to hear a political candidate speak on campus – to get involved in the elections by noting that their counterparts in Hong Kong are currently demonstrating to have the same democratic choices American students do.

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