Gubernatorial Candidate Howie Hawkins: Tip Workers Need a Pay Raise From NY (Commentary)

howie hawkins

(The following was originally published in

Howie Hawkins, of Syracuse, is the Green Party candidate for governor of New York.

By Howie Hawkins

Tuesday is garbage pickup day on the South Side. Early in the evening, I often see a young woman pulling two shopping carts, with a toddler in each seat and redeemable bottles and cans in the baskets. Around 4 a.m. when I return from my job unloading trucks, I often see a senior citizen pushing a cart, scavenging for bottles and cans.

People are willing to work. But there are not enough jobs, and many jobs don’t pay enough to make ends meet.

Mothers and seniors need jobs that pay them enough to live without sorting through garbage.

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