Is OAI diverting resources from the LP?

Previously posted at IPR Editorial submitted by Paul Frankel: Recently, Libertarian Party state chairs have been discussing on their list why the dues paying membership of the national LP is declining. This decline is happening at the same time that the LP nationwide is growing its voter registration faster than any other national party, had … Continue reading Is OAI diverting resources from the LP?

The Celebration of Submission

In a surreal display Thursday, prominent Internet sites celebrated as the federal government seized control over the last known vehicle for free expression.  Twitter, Reddit, and Buzzfeed all applauded the FCC takeover of the Internet under the guise of "Net Neutrality."  As these sites ceded freedom for short term convenience, the FCC commenced its crusade against … Continue reading The Celebration of Submission

Will We Have Multiparty Debates in 2016?

by Jed Ziggler Presidential debates in the United States are kind of a joke.  No matter how many candidates are on the ballot in your state, or on the ballot in enough states to have even the most remote chance of being elected president, there's pretty much always just two candidates.  Oh sure, there was … Continue reading Will We Have Multiparty Debates in 2016?