IPR Writers Acquire A3PR


Writers from the Independent Political Report have been added as administrators to A3PR.

We intend to use A3PR to post editorials and other materials.

For news about United States Third Parties please visit:





10 thoughts on “IPR Writers Acquire A3PR

  1. jedziggler

    “What’s the point of this? The readership is much lower than IPR, so why not just do your stuff there?”

    We’re just experimenting a bit. We have a lot more control than we do at IPR, and frankly it’s good to have more sources of independent & alt. party news out there.


  2. NewFederalist

    What is the posting policy at A3PR? Are the posters who have been banned at IPR (Milnes, Ogle et al) not able to post here as well?


    1. I considered it to be the same comment policy as IPR. If you all want to have him here, you can outvote me, but then I will end any participation here immediately myself. I’m not interested in participating in any forum with Robert Milnes, Nathan Norman in any of his recognizable guises, Vernon in any of his recognizable guises, or James Ogle in any of his recognizable guises.


  3. I have empathy for Miles, but as soon as he is allowed to post anywhere that forum becomes like what I imagine his mind looks like. And Nathans, Oogle and Vernon are just trolls in the grandest tradition of trolling, As a reader, I won’t bother with the site if it allows any of the above mentioned people to have posting/commenting previleges.


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