Daily Archives: March 5, 2015

Will We Have Multiparty Debates in 2016?

by Jed Ziggler

Presidential debates in the United States are kind of a joke.  No matter how many candidates are on the ballot in your state, or on the ballot in enough states to have even the most remote chance of being elected president, there’s pretty much always just two candidates.  Oh sure, there was that one year where the billionaire with the big ears was allowed to participate.  He even did pretty well up against a Bush and a Clinton (his running mate didn’t do so well).  But Perot was the exception to the rule, the Commission on Presidential Debates does their darnedest to make sure only two voices are heard by the nation in the presidential and vice presidential debates, even going so far as to change their own rules to prevent Ralph Nader from participating in 2000, and simply ignoring the rules in 2012, when Gary Johnson met their qualifications. Continue reading