George Phillies Retires, Issues May 2015 Edition of Liberty for America; plus my comments (Paulie)

Jill Pyeatt reports at IPR:

Phillies casual

George Phillies began the May 2015 Issue of Liberty for America with some personal news:

Change in Life Style

Your editor has indicated to his university that he prefers to retire at the end of the current
academic year, which happened last week. The sign on his office door, the office being
completely cleaned out, reads


and notes in closing that almost 40 years ago I had been living in Santa Monica CA and
working at UCLA. One morning I walked three blocks south to Wilshire Boulevard and my
barber, tried to open the door, and found that it was locked. Peering through the glass, I realized that the barbering equipment was gone, the interior being stripped down to the linoleum. There in the door, a little lower than I had been looking, was a sign “Retired. Gone fishing, forever”. This seemed to be an excellent way to end that part of my career, so I put up a slight variation on the sign, which likely is also a memorial to my former barber, who saw his chance to change his career, and did so.

Congratulations, George, and enjoy your new lifestyle!

The May 2015 Issue of Liberty for America can be found here.

George Phillies is currently the Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts.

I (Paulie) comment at IPR:

Congratulations to Dr. Phillies on a well earned retirement from academia, and I hope the writing pursuits will be fulfilling.

Regarding the rest of the issue, I’m surprised to see it here first before seeing it in my email as usual, but I guess I’ve been downgraded to “mouthpiece.” I’m not, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

The articles from Knapp and Katz are a worthwhile read and make good points. IIRC, we at IPR have published the one by Knapp, but not (at least as of yet) the one by Katz. Please correct that if it is wrong; I’d like to publish the Katz piece if we haven’t already done so and if it’s OK with George and Joshua.

Regarding Johnson 2012 financials, one thing that should be very obvious from the massively amended reports is that these debts don’t represent actual expenditure amounts. The whole thing is a huge mess involving some kind of accounting gimmickry. Ron has explained the general outline of it to me privately, and has repeatedly told me he will publish something publicly, but I really wish he would go on the public record sooner rather than later. Libertarian principles include transparent government as well as financial responsibility, and while I am not nearly as convinced as George and some others that there has been financial irresponsibility, the lack of transparency is very troubling.

My personal best guess, best on what I have observed of the operations, what I know money to have actually been spent on and what people actually make, is that there is no huge malfeasance or lavishness being covered up at all; however, these numbers will continue to be spun in a negative way by internal and external opponents and watchdogs and plague any future efforts until they are adequately explained, in public, directly by Ron or someone else (if there is anyone else) in a position to know all the facts behind them fully. I believe the overly negative spin being put out based on financial reports to government agencies will prove much more hurtful to GJxxyear, OAI, and anything else Gary and/or Ron do in politics moving forward – so long as the explanation is kept somewhat opaque or private – than whatever the truth is, even if there is some negative fallout from the latter. And having me relay a second hand explanation is not an adequate substitute for addressing all the questions more directly.

Regarding the News section, I highly recommend Avens O’Brien’s youtube channel.

“Gary Johnson seems to be running up more campaign debt” is also posted in the news section, but I don’t see how that can be, given that GJ2016 does not exist yet (and may or may not happen at all) and GJ2012 is long done. Piling on more paperwork that misleads observers, yes, but actual debt – I don’t see how that would be possible.

“Steve Kerbel is reported to be recruiting a campaign team.” Reported by anyone other than Mr. Kerbel? I haven’t heard anything about it myself.

“The 2015 Ohio Conference was May 1st & 2nd. Our keynote speaker was to be Bill Redpath.
C. Michael Pickens was to speak on How to be a Super Recruiter and The Art of Fundraising.” Does this unusual phrasing mean the speakers backed out? If so, why?

I’m not sure why the final article about the “603 Alliance” of conservative Republicans is in a Libertarian newsletter at all, and I’m especially surprised to see it in one put out by George Phillies.

As always, than you to Phillies for the newsletter! An interesting and informative read regardless of whether you agree with opinions expressed therein, disagree, or as with most of us, some mix thereof.

3 responses to “George Phillies Retires, Issues May 2015 Edition of Liberty for America; plus my comments (Paulie)

  1. Hey friends, I just created a new Facebook profile since I am unable to log in to the old one :) Lolwtf…….Here it is, feel free to add me on it:


  2. Mind over matter. Good luck to you on your future endeavors, George. Some Polish rap to end the comment below.



    I hae a bunch of comments on it at

    Not sure yet if or when I will make it a separate IPR/A3PR post and replicate/summarize my comments …


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