Candidates Take Note: Donald Trump’s 2016 Announcement

Image: Brendan McDermid | Reuters

Potential 2016 presidential candidates take heed.  Donald Trump has delivered one of the best presidential announcement speeches in a long time.

What made the speech so great?

Not only did Trump clearly and passionately introduce the themes of his campaign, he was authentic, open, and unfiltered in his delivery. He showed the true passion that so many of the current establishment candidates lack.  Most importantly, Trump articulated an actual purpose for his run.

Like no other candidate since Ross Perot, Trump evokes the once majority populism of working class America that is still pervasive but slowly losing its voice.  The class recently found home in the Republican Party but that union is tenuous at best. Trump must know this.  In his announcement, he did not label himself a Republican, though his campaign website makes it clear.

Still, the omission raises questions on whether Trump plans to run as an Independent should he not win the Republican nomination.  If so, his $9 billion fortune could win him a seat at the presidential debates and a large percentage of the popular vote, perhaps the largest since Ross Perot’s 18% performance in 1992.

Nevertheless, money cannot always buy an effective campaign.  At the very least, it takes passion and purpose, both of which Trump possesses.

Watch the groundbreaking speech below following an introduction from daughter Ivanka Trump:

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