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ATPR Turns One Year Old Today!

Thanks to all of our readers and contributors, ATPR has turned one year old today. We are pleased to have been acquired since that time by the contributors over at the Independent Political Report (IPR), who have made a great change in overall layout. We’ve had 7,441 views, 2,035 visitors and 323 posts since July 16, 2014, while our Facebook page has 140 likes.

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Krzysztof Lesiak, ATPR founder

Proportional Representation Initiative Announced by American Freedom Party in Oregon

The American Freedom Party’s Board of Directors commissioned activists in Oregon to campaign for Proportion Representation (“PR”), also known as “ranked choice voting”, by getting it on the ballot this November through the initiative process. AFP will then have candidates run for office under a more accountable, expanded St. Helens City Council using PR in 2016.
The purpose of AFP’s “Initiative” (process allowing voters to enact laws independently of their legislators, permitted in half the States) is to facilitate a fairer electoral process generally, and to progressively have our own Party members elected to local office. PR is the electoral system used in almost all European countries, as well as for the EU; over the oppressive winner-take-all system for obtaining office maintained by the Republican-Democrat duopoly. Continue reading

Freedom Socialist Party: Why “ignoring” the Ku Klux Klan sends the wrong message

Freedom Socialist Party

As the Klan rallies at the South Carolina state capitol
on July 18

Why “ignoring” the Ku Klux Klan sends the wrong message

July 18, 2015

Every time the Klan or some other anti-Semitic, white supremacist group announces a rally, voices are raised advising the public to “just ignore them” as a lunatic fringe.

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Spragga Benz to Perform at United We Stand Festival 2015

From an email from the Free and Equal Elections Foundation:

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