Spragga Benz to Perform at United We Stand Festival 2015

From an email from the Free and Equal Elections Foundation:

Dear Free and Equal Supporter,

Socially conscious musicians Spragga Benz, Briggy Benz and Tajji have confirmed for the 2015 United We Stand Festival scheduled for 19 September, 2015 at the Belasco Theater, LA. Spragga Benz has a long and vibrant history of making powerful music that speaks directly to the people. His widespread notoriety developed as a result of his famous DJ skills in Jamaica.

Spragga is not only a phenomenal musician, but he is also an impassioned humanist that seeks to raise the level of commitment towards the youth. He has been largely outspoken in the topics of governmental corruption, voting rights, the war on drugs, and and police brutality.

Please listen to the following song from Spragga Benz, “Livication” – In memory of his late son Carlton Grant Junior:
Spragga Benz - Livitication

In August 2008, Spragga’s only son passed away violently at the hands of Jamaican police officers in Kingston, Jamaica. This heartbreaking event has made Spragga exceptionally passionate towards movements that forge paths against the status quo, movements that unite rather than divide, movements that can bring much needed change to the system. After explaining the cause behind the United We Stand Festival, Spragga agreed to donate his time and efforts towards this important movement.

“Spragga’s positive energy will bring a unique light to the 2015 United We Stand Festival. His willingness to support this just cause is an expression of love and kindness, and truly speaks to his passion for resolving the many problems the world faces today”

-Christina Tobin, Founder and Chair the Free and Equal Elections Foundation

Spragga’s latest album “Shotta Culture” is available on iTunes here, Free and Equal encourages all of our supporters to listen and enjoy.

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