Comments By Our Facebook Followers II

Below are the comments our Facebook followers left on our Facebook page since the previous list on May 4:

With all due respect, but once again….the “Mirror” tells that Carly Fiorina is not the “Fairest of them all”. The media needed a Hero Candidate last night during the 1st Republican Debates, and they did not have one, so they have created one with her, but truth is, she is not what this Country needs either, and she may not be a Politician but that doesn’t mean that she is outstanding for the position either. Sorry to bust the “Happy Bubble” for those who think she is great, she was not, she was only average and acted just like an imitation of what the average politician does and says within a debate. Remember this is my opinion here, and I “believe” in what I say here. Time will tell indeed.

Deonia (Dee) Neveu –“Power For The People” in 2016.

 Nathan NormanNathan Norman‎, July 11

Imagine there’s less government.
It’s easy if you try;
No more waste or drug wars
Or Congress spending us dry.
Imagine all the people
Living as they choose.
Imagine no duopoly.
It isn’t hard to do;
No more Democrats taxing us
And no Republicans too.
Imagine all the people
Voting a different way.
You may say I’m a dreamer.
But I’m not the only one.
I hope someday you’ll join us
And vote Libertarian.
Imagine a Libertarian president.
I wonder if you can;
No more wars or corruption,
Freedom for every man.
Imagine all the people
Making a freer world.
You may say I’m a dreamer.
but I’m not the only one.
I hope some day you’ll join us
And elect a Libertarian. Nathan Norman for President

 Diane SeguinDiane Seguin‎, July 7

Americans should never underestimate the constant pressure on Canada which the mere presence of the United States has produced. We’re different people from you and we’re different people because of you. Living next to you is in some ways like sleeping with an elephant. No matter how friendly and even-tempered is the beast, if I can call it that, one is effected by every twitch and grunt. It should not therefore be expected that this kind of nation, this Canada, should project itself as a mirror image of the United States.

– Pierre Trudeau

Dear Fellow Patriot,

Your page was recommended to me by one of your “LIKES” that has recently joined our page. After checking yours our I can see why.

Your page is great, and I believe we share many of the same philosophies and goals. “Wake Up” has “LIKED” it. We have “SHARED” you on “Wake Up” and you will appear on our list of “Conservative Pages We Support”, published on an average about once a moth.

Please check out our page, “Wake Up and Reclaim America” sometime and see what you think and if you would consider sharing our page?

Keep up the great work and good luck in your efforts.


Douglas E. Underwood
Wake Up and Reclaim America

I am thrilled to announce that the Nathan Norman campaign for President of the United States has been recognized at the premier election site
I am committed to making sure we elect a Libertarian president in 2016. I plan to win the Libertarian Party presidential nomination at the Convention in Orlando by packing the Convention with Newt Gingrich and Bob Barr supporters from nearby Georgia. After I win the nomination, I will hand it to Newt Gingrich or to any other Libertarian candidate who can actually win the 2016 election or at least bring Libertarian issues to the forefront. We need a Libertarian President not a Libertarian Loser like Gary Johnson.
Please visit my campaign site and please like my Facebook page
With your help Libertarians can win the presidency in 2016!
God Bless You,
Nathan Norman

You are missing the Veterans Party of America

You can’t have it both ways……..Some folks say that they are for the US Constitution, and then turn around and say that a person does not qualify to run for Office if they were not an already Politician or had a Manager’s job before. Well, I guess those are the many people who want to take away some of our Rights under our Constitution. Sometimes smart people say stupid stuff. Am I the only one SMH. When a person says this thing about Qualifications, which are not Constitutional, I immediately know that they are not for the Constitution, and they have been programmed away from their own Rights. Deonia (Dee) Neveu—-“Power For The People”, in 2016. Peace and God Bless.

2 responses to “Comments By Our Facebook Followers II

  1. Who are the admin(s) of the FB page and how can I become one if I’m not already one now?


  2. I have added you as an admin. Me, Joshua Fauver and now you are the only admins of the page.


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