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Freedom Socialist Party: Can Bernie Sanders move the Democrats left?

From the Freedom Socialist Party website:

Unfortunately, the history of campaigns like his says no
Dennis Sanders
October 2015

Bernie Sanders packed the house at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena on Aug. 10, 2015. Photo: Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times

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American Freedom Party: Did Muslim ‘Clock Boy’ Perpetrate Hoax?

Posted September 26, 2015 on the AFP website:

Kyle Smith of the New York Post wrote, “When is America going to get serious about the problem of white kids getting suspended from school for nothing?” How Ahmed’s clock became a false, convenient tale of racism. Continue reading

Reason Magazine on the LP’s lawsuit against the Presidential Debate Commission

Posted on LP.org on September 29, 2015:


Brian Doherty of Reason Magazine blogged yesterday on the Libertarian Party’s lawsuit for getting into the Presidential debates, and the arguments for why the LP is suing the Presidential Debate Commission.

“Among other goals (mostly involving compensation for damages alleged), the suit seeks to eliminate the “getting 15 percent in a national poll” criteria for debate access, and to dissolve the CPD itself.”

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